6 ADVERSE Side effects of bleaching your hair

Bleaching is easy and quick to give a new look to your hair. But there are many adverse effects of bleaching hair which can permanently damage your hair and scalp. Here’s what you should know about it.
6 ADVERSE Side effects of bleaching your hair
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Colouring or bleaching your hair is one of the common things that most of us love to do. It gives a new hue to the hair making it look more gorgeous and shinier. But once you bleach your hair, it gets damaged as there are many side effects of colouring the hair. 

These are the side effects of bleaching your hair:

Your hair is prone to damage

After bleaching, your hair is more susceptible to damage. Harmful UV rays, humidity, wind, dirt and dust, excess oil can make the hair frizzy and dull. As a result, you may face numerous issues like split ends, hair fall etc. Hair growth also gets prevented. 

Hair fails to maintain the moisture level

Once you bleach your hair, it fails to maintain the moisture and protein balance in it. As a result, your hair becomes prone to damage or breakage. 

It hurts the scalp

Colouring doesn’t take a long time to get done, but it hurts the scalp severely. That’s why you may feel a burning sensation on your scalp after colouring your hair. That’s because of the strong chemicals of the bleach. 

It makes the hair dry

Hair bleaching is done by oxidation on your hair. So, this process makes your hair extremely dry and lifeless. 

Bleach needs high maintenance

Bleaching your hair needs a lot of maintenance and if you can’t do that your hair will get damaged easily. As a result, you will face hair fall, breakage, dull hair etc. So, once you bleach your hair, maintain it properly. 

Discoloured hair

Another major side effect of colouring your hair is that you may have discoloured hair. This looks odd and makes your hair look extremely lifeless. You are more prone to getting discoloured hair if you do the bleaching at home and couldn’t apply the colouring agents in the right proportions.

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