6 DIY Honey face masks: The glowing gifts your skin will thank you now and forever

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6 DIY Honey face masks: The glowing gifts your skin will thank you now and forever

All that glitters (naturally) can be your skin with honey. If you’re a skintellectual, you’ll know this gold standard ingredient can be a sweet treat for people with acne and dry skin. Not the latest humectant on the block rather the one that has catered to the many needs of the skin. Move over coconut oil, this can be the jack of all trades too if used wisely. They’re just as awesome as softening your skin as it is at killing the bacteria that stem up breakouts. 

With skin as the largest organ in our bodies, it’s a textbook that’ll take time for us to understand all that goes on with it. Have you wondered how dull, parched skin and clogged pores are almost like guileful visitors that drop by often? That’s when this antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and brightening agent can help to repair skin damage, fight visible signs of ageing like wrinkles, boost hydration, control excess sebum produced by your skin, exfoliate your skin from deep-within, fade blemishes, and give the pick-me-up it needs in the form of glow. Did all these get you giddy enough? Try it out for yourself with face masks that can be whipped at home and oh, there’s a bonus too: It’s light on your wallet too! 

Cleansing mask 


1/2 tsp honey 
1/2 tsp yogurt 
1 tsp aloe ver gel 


1. Ensure to pick out organic ingredients. 
2. Take your mini mask bowl, add all the ingredients and stir it all. 
3. Apply on your face and neck and gently run your hands on the mixture in circular motions.
4. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off with tepid water. 

Benefits: Both honey and yogurt work well to help remove impurities from your skin. The lactic acid in yogurt unclogs pores and improves skin texture. Aloe vera gel is best to boost hydration and this will balance out the role played by the former ingredients. 

Acne-fighting mask 


1/2 tsp honey 
1/4 tsp nutmeg 
1 tbsp aloe vera gel 


1. Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste. 
2. Dab it on the affected area and cleanse it off after 15 minutes. 

Benefits: Honey and nutmeg are powered with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that help reduce redness and pimples. Aloe vera acts as a coolant here. Do not over-apply this face and limit it to twice a week. 

Glowing face mask 


1/2 tsp honey 
2 tbsp tomato puree


1. Grind the tomato into a puree and combine both ingredients. 
2. Coat your skin with this mask and rinse it off after 15 minutes. 

Benefits: Naturally enriched with the power of antioxidants, they can banish dullness and elevate your skin’s glow. Thank the Vitamin C present in tomatoes too! 

Anti-ageing mask 


1/2 tsp honey 
1/2 coffee powder 
1 tbsp cucumber juice 


1. Put the grated cucumber inside a blender to get the juice. 
2. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and give it a mix. 
3. Cleanse your hands before you apply the mask to your skin. 
4.  Erase it off after 15 minutes. 

Benefits: Coffee, honey and cucumber when put together, it’ll make up for all the antioxidant your skin was deprived of. As antioxidants can enhance collagen, smooth out fine lines, and tackle premature signs of ageing.

Lip mask 


1/4 tsp Honey 
2 drops of Olive oil 


1. Use your ring finger to swipe the mask on your lips. 
2. Do it every day at night and keep it for 15 minutes. 
3. With cold water gently cleanse it off. 
4. Follow up with your regular lip balm to add moisture.

Benefits: Housed with moisturising properties, honey and olive oil help to soothe and repair chapped lips. 

Blackhead removal mask


1/2 tsp honey 
1/2 tsp ground oats 
1 tbsp mashed banana 
1. Place the banana pulp in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. 
2. Once combined, smear it on your nose (where blackheads are easily visible to the naked eye). 
3. With your ring finger, gently scrub it and keep it for no longer than 15 minutes. 
4.  Use water to remove it off. 
Benefits: Honey and oats aid in exfoliating and soothing your skin while banana brings back hydration, glow, and suppleness. 
Note: Do a patch test before you put it on your face. You can always tweak the measurements but do not add more honey than needed. 
Have you tried honey face masks before? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. 
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