6 Effective skincare products under Rs 1000 that should be part of your daily beauty regime

Updated on Sep 14, 2021 09:13 AM IST  |  31K
6 Effective skincare products under Rs 1000 that should be part of your daily beauty regime

Skincare is an important and necessary task that must be part of your daily routine. Opting for the right products will change your look for good and also helps you from premature ageing, saggy skin and pigmentation issues. No matter what the season or climate is, proper skincare is what makes your skin hydrated, moisturised and happy throughout. Here are 6 effective skincare products under Rs1000 from Amazon that are a must-have for healthy and happy skin.



Alcohol-free toners won’t make your skin dry and flaky. It balances your skin’s pH and improves large pores and acne marks.

Price: Rs 390

Deal: Rs 331

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Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is your one point solution to most skin problems. It clears acne, improves skin tone, aids in face glow brightening and also neutralises dark spots by fighting free radicals.

Price: Rs 1045

Deal: Rs 899

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Excess Oil Absorbing Sheets

These oil-absorbing sheets rapidly absorb excess oils and help control oil and let you shine without any powder. Each use soothes, protects and refreshes your face.

Price: Rs 200

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Water Gel Moisturiser

This hydrating cream not only moisturises your skin making it baby soft but also increases the water content of the skin. It has a unique light-weighted fresh texture that can be instantly absorbed and continuously quench your skin’s thirst throughout the day.

Price: Rs 1000

Deal: Rs 900

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Scalp and hair care set

This kit contains onion oil shampoo, onion oil conditioner and onion hair oil which helps to revive your tired scalp and hair. Your scalp needs moisture and massage to help improve your hair growth.

Price: Rs 1597

Deal: Rs 925

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Niacinamide Face Serum

Niacinamide and Zinc duo prevents breakouts or pimples owing to their strong antimicrobial properties. This serum is clinically proven to reduce acne marks and dark spots in 2 weeks, resulting in an even complexion.

Price: Rs 599

Deal: Rs 569

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