6 Indian Ayurvedic skincare & haircare brands that are just really good for your skin

Updated on Nov 20, 2021 02:15 AM IST  |  154.1K
6 Indian Ayurvedic skincare & haircare brands that are just really good for your skin
6 Indian Ayurvedic skincare & haircare brands that are just really good for your skin

The “new normal” has created a bond between skincare and self-care. Beauty brands are taking note of Ayurveda’s growing popularity in the mainstream, and bottling formulas that bring its benefits to your beauty shelf. Here are a few products that will make it easier for you to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine. 


Kama Ayurveda 

There’s long-running love for this Ayurvedic brand, and it is counted among the best Indian skincare brands, because of how they perfectly balance authenticity with accessibility. Their oils, serums, scrubs and masks are purely herb-centric in how they’re made, and yet not so hardcore. They are subtle on skin and the products are all extremely soothing.   


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Forest Essentials 

This brand will encourage you to do delightful rituals for the ideal self-care regime. Their products are delicious smelling and they introduce you to wonderful, homegrown ingredients like Soundarya, Black Sesame, Anise and Pomegranate, etc in body polishers, lotions and face washes. 


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The Ayurveda Co 

This vegan and organic brand is all about green skincare but has also surprised us by using natural ingredients that we have never heard of before like triphala, nalpamaradi, onion oil and methi for starters. What sound like common kitchen staples are spun into some pretty powerful creams, face polishers, toners, shampoos, etc. The brand is also known for their amazing lip and cheek tints. 


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Soul Tree 

This brand has been around for quite a while now and has only been getting better with its products. This BDIH, Germany certified Ayurveda brand has been doing effective, unobtrusive skincare in the form of face oils, shower gels, balms, creams and face packs. What makes them one of the best brands in India, is the fact that their products do the talking, and they hardly invest in marketing.  


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Just Herbs 

A wholesome clean beauty brand, Just Herbs is also excelling with their natural make-up products, but we are in awe of their skincare. They have elixir like facial serums, body butters made from highly moisturising and nourishing ingredients, and handmade bathing bars that will leave you feeling fresh all day long. 


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The Tribe Concepts

If you want to really sink your teeth into Ayurvedic hair care and skincare rituals, then this brand should be your go-to. There’s DIY involved in some of their most choice products like the Face Brightening Daily Cleanser or the Ubtan Body Cleanser but the payoff is absolutely worth it. The brand also has an impressive range of hair and body oils. 


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