6 most COMMON skin and hair care mistakes people make during Holi that needs to be avoided

The harsh colours containing chemicals deteriorate the hair and nails to a large extent. Here's how you ought to care for your skin and hair before playing Holi.
6 most COMMON skin and hair care mistakes people make during Holi that needs to be avoided
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As we all know, the most awaited festival of the year is here and people are looking forward to creating new memories with their loved ones during this joyous occasion. We want to save you from post-Holi trauma by alerting you to some common skin and hair care mistakes. They are as follows-

Forget to moisturise
Yeah, the majority of people neglect to moisturise their whole body, resulting in dry and dull skin. So, apply a rich moisturiser or coconut oil to your whole body before leaving the house. Then give your body a good massage to ensure that all is absorbed. This makes it easier to remove the colour and keeps the skin hydrated.

Forget sunscreen
The majority of Holi celebrations take place outside— so, to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays choose high SPF with +++PA and apply it before or after moisturising. Don't forget about the nape of your neck, elbows, feet, and even your ears.

Ignore nails
When Holi is concerned this is a highly neglected aspect of the body. It's almost impossible to extract the Holi colour from your nails once it has dried. So make sure your nails are trimmed and that you've added a generous amount of Petroleum Jelly to them. Avoid having acrylic or gel nails done before Holi.

Forget your lips
All right, so your face is hydrated and prepped for Holi colours—but what about your lips? The skin on your lips is much more sensitive than your face and body, so extra attention is required. Exfoliate well your lips, apply 4-5 coats to a lip balm, especially one with SPF.

Leave your hair open
At the time of playing with colours and when your hair is open, the colour is just going to wreck your hair. So, for your protection, oil your hair from root to tip and braid it. Wear a bandana to prevent the hue from sticking to your head. This is the only pre-Holi hair care regimen you'll ever need.

Harsh on your skin and hair after Holi
Sometimes you scrub harshly on your face to get rid of the Holi colour and rinse your hair too much with shampoo to extract the colours. These practices will only damage your skin and hair. So, please be patient and gentle! Keep all of these tips in mind before playing Holi, and I am confident that your hair and skin will remain safe and happy!

About the author: Dr. Poorva Shah, M.D Dermatologist

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