6 Multi use products ALL girls who have zero time need to keep in handy to get dressed on the go

Barely have time to do a full face of makeup every morning? Here are all the multi-use products to keep in handy to do your makeup on the go.
6 Multi use products ALL girls who have zero time always need to keep in handy to get dressed on the go
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When it comes to dressing up, everybody wants to look their best at all times. Alas, this rarely happens when one needs to wake up at wee hours in the morning, to get dressed and looked their best. There is nothing better than staying in bed for those extra five minutes but when you wake up and have to rush to get ready and look fine at the end of that. When it comes to looking good, time is essence. 

At times like this, the best way to get things done and look good, is on the go! There are some beauty gems that can be used in multiple ways! To be able to store them and carry them around easily considering there is less space when you are on the move is a huge bonus with these makeup products. Here are all the ways you can make your commute your beauty desk!

Lip Liner
One of the most important beauty products, lip liners are essential to ensure lipstick does not bleed out. A light pink shade is perfect to carry around at all times. But what's even cooler, is that lip liners can double as eyeliners!
Use the pencil to colour your eye lids and draw on bright graphic eyeliner, which is a huge rage right now. 


Pick out a super pigmented shimmery product for your lids and blend it out well. But don't stop there. Instead, try and blend the product on your cheeks for a glittery vibe for eyeshadow can also be used as highlighter! Dab some all over your body as well to glow up and shine bright all day long. 

Beauty blender
The one product most makeup gurus and artists can't seem to do without is the beauty blender. It is not just used to blend your foundation but is also the perfect applicator for everything from highlighters, blush, contour and compact to keep your makeup in place. 


One of the easiest products that has multiple uses, is none other than the lipstick. A soft and creamy stick is perfect not just for the lips but can also be doubled as a cheek stain which will be sure to give your skin some much-needed colour at wee hours in the morning, as well as a luminous glow. 


If you thought moisturiser was a saving grace only for your dry skin, think again! The rich and creamy formula is perfect and can be used as not just a makeup remover, primer, treatment mask and a product which will give your skin a sheer and hydrating finish. 


Thought toners were only for getting rid of dry and dead skin cells and getting an even-toned complexion? Well, toners are the best products that help get rod of dry skin by refreshing the skin and even prevent the growth of ingrown hair. Just dab it on knees and elbows for brighter skin and apply all over the body to say bye to ingrown hair! 

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