The 60 second beauty rule that the internet is obsessing over for clear skin actually WORKS

Move over face masks, face packs and facials. Follow this old school method for smooth, supple and clear skin!
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Almost nobody is born with perfect and flawless skin. Most of us have to work for that bright glowing skin that is acne-free, non-oily and not dry. Open pores are another big issue when it comes to skin problems. According to numerous beauticians and everybody on the internet who has tried it, there is a 60-second rule that needs to be followed to get the perfect skin. 

As opposed to lengthier routines, this one seems doable as it takes barely a minute. It doesn't involve things like changing your diet, buying new products or switching up your routine. And if you are being promised perfect skin, what's there to lose?

This routine involves cleansing your face for a duration of 60 seconds. The sound of it may not seem very difficult, but the routine is quite extravagant for just a cleaning process. 

Step 1
Time taken: 45-50 seconds

Most people spend barely 15 seconds washing their face and do so only once or twice everyday. Instead of that, pick out your perfect cleanser and wash your face for a good 40-50 seconds. This allows the cleanser to penetrate into your skin and remove the residue of makeup, dirt and oil that don't leave the skin easily. All you need to do is pump a few drops of your favourite gel cleaner into your hand and massage it on your face with a little pressure. 

This gives the cleanser enough time to break down the dirt and grime while allowing you to pay attention to areas you usually don't, and scrub the corners of your nose, around your hairline and under your chin. Post this, wash off the foam, pat your face dry and go about your normal routine. 


Step 2 (normal to oily skin)
Time taken: 10-15 seconds

An hour or two later, pick out your cool toner and dab some of it on a cotton swab. Wipe it generously all over your face. After you scrub your face, your pores secrete a little bit of oil that ends up clogging them again. The toner helps to get rid of that extra oil and does its bit in closing the open pores so that less dirt and grime enters them. 

Step 2 (normal to dry skin)
An alternative to using a toner after cleansing 
your face would be to switch things up. First use a milk-based or an oil-based cleanser before using a gel one to clean up the residue. If you are opting for this step instead, spend 30 seconds with each cleaner on your skin since a toner might be a little intense for you already have dry skin. 

Though the technique may sound basic, it is apparently game-changing with Twitter and Instagram users swearing by it, so much so that the #60secondrule is now a fad! Users have raved about how soft and smooth their faces have become with reduced bumps and acne and a significant decrease in acne and a bright dewy glow! 

Are you excited to try this out? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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