7 easy and affordable remedies for pimples and acne prone skin

Pimples are one of the most common skin problems faced by people. Before going to the dermatologist and doctors for cures, try these easy remedies first for clear and better skin quality.
Beauty,pimple remedies,acne remedies,remedies for pimples,remedies for acne7 easy and affordable remedies for pimples and acne prone skin
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For smooth and supple skin, numerous products claim to do the trick. From facewashes and moisturisers to oils and cleanups and parlour visits, the list seems never ending. People who crave for this skin end up spending a fortune on all the methods and products but all in vain. But at the end of the day, there are many products that barely cost anything, that help deal with this problem. There are multiple home remedies and easy drug store products that solve the acne and pimple problem, with utmost ease. 

Acne is one of the most common problems in the world which is why there are multiple quick fixes that are sure to work. 
One of the easiest medicines available at any drug store, asprin has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that treat pimples. Applying some Asprin powder to your skin helps in reducing swelling, unclogging pores and makes skin super soft. 
Apple cider vinegar
Since this vinegar has acetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid and more, it is excellent for killing bacteria that causes acne and pimples. It is easy and simple to use - mix one spoon of the vinegar with a little water and apply it on the pimples with a cotton pad, just the way you apply toner. 
Rich in alpha hydroxy acid, lemons make for natural exfoliants that remove dead cells from the top of the skin. Rubbing lemon on the skin also helps in declogging pores, which is how acne initially develops
Tea tree oil
This anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial remedy breaks up the build-up of dirt debris and oil that blocks the pores which then leads to acne. Tree oil makes for a great remedy since it speedens up the healing of pimples and breakouts. Dabbing the oil on pimples, is all it takes to get rid of them. 
Aloe vera
The magical plant is not only useful when it comes to cooling and soothing the skin when it is burnt, but clears up acne and pimples as well. Though the results are slow, applying natural aloe vera gel to pimples on your skin drastically reduces the number of pimples and smoothens the skin. 
The herb, like most of the ingredients above, is also known to be anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and have astringent qualities that helps treat skin inflammation and reduce the number of pimples and acne. 
Another magical and completely natural ingredient, honey helps lock in the moisture on the skin. It also helps in preventing breakouts and protects the skin from bacteria. Honey is known for its antibacterial and has antimicrobial properties. 
Since most of these are natural ingredients, there should be no allergic reactions to them. But it is always better to test these on a small patch of your skin, before applying it all over. 

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