7 Mistakes you need to avoid while putting on makeup in winter

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7 Mistakes you need to avoid while putting on makeup in winter
7 Mistakes you need to avoid while putting on makeup in winter

People love winter because these 2-3 months are when you go entirely sweat-free. Warmer clothes and hot drinks seem like paradise. But the transition from autumn to winter can be pretty harsh on our skin. Who loves dry flaky skin and chapped lips? Winter robs our skin of our pretty glow leaving it all dry and brittle. And for makeup enthusiasts and lovers out there, you need to put on a whole lot of effort into your makeup routine.

All you need this winter is a makeup upgrade. Instead of following your old regime, you need to do some this and that and that will do the work. So we'll walk you through some of the common blunders you need to avoid. 

Skipping the primer

Moisturising is an important part of our skincare routine. And winter calls for regular moisturising. But don't dive into makeup just after applying a moisturiser. Skipping the primer won't give you a smooth base. So always choose a hydrating one that contains all the essential ingredients.

Skipping SPF

Does the sun not shine in the winters? So why skip the sunscreen? The rays are harsh too even if you just feel all the warmth. Choose an SPF above 30 and don't forget to use it.

Using a brush for Foundation


If you use a flat brush all year long, it's time to change this season. Try using a damp sponge to blend your foundation so as to give it a smooth dewy base.

Applying too much bronzer

Yes, we all love that tanned, healthy glow from summer that we can do using just a simple bronzer. But in winter, it will be a good idea to skip applying too much of that.

Not using waterproof makeup

Even if we don't sweat head to toe in winters, we might think it will be okay for us to use normal makeup products. But there's a catch. The scarves or hats are likely to smudge your makeup. So it's better to apply waterproof mascara and liner to your lids.

Using too much Powder


To set our makeup, people do use a lot of powder but that only leads to more dryness. Instead, lightly tap on the areas where your face tends to get oily.

Not using balms


Ladies would love to go bold with their lips this winter but avoiding lip balms won't make them alluring. Not using a hydrating lip balm will mean chapped and dry lips. No one wants that. Thus, use one.

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