7 Products from homegrown skin care brands that every skin care enthusiast must invest in

Updated on Oct 15, 2021 12:24 PM IST  |  138.3K
7 Products from homegrown skin care brands that every skin care enthusiast must invest in
7 Products from homegrown skin care brands that every skin care enthusiast must invest in

With the weather getting hotter by the day, it's time to pamper the skin before the elements wreak havoc on it and leave behind dark spots, pigmentation and other skin troubles. Choosing the right regime for the skin is just as important as anything else and hence, here are a few homegrown brands that are offering the best products. 


Light Up 

Light Up, a homegrown skincare brand believes in creating honest, clean, and seriously good skincare products for red-carpet-ready skin. It offers a diverse range of products in the skincare category. 

Light Up Prism Vitamin C Glow Cream 

This cream has a citrusy formula that will naturally increase your collagen, boost elasticity, lighten your dark spots and hydrate your skin. It is enriched with Alpha-Arbutin and Turmeric to banish blemishes and spots. Age reversing wonder Milk Peptides and Bio Retinols boost collagen levels that lift, plump and restore a youthful bounce to your skin. An energizing burst of hydration awaits you with Hyaluronic Acid. Precious oils like Rosehip and rich butters like Cocoa and Shea Butter result in smooth, moisturised skin with just 1 application without any sticky or greasy after effects.


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Light Up Beam Glacial Glow Mud 

This clay operates like a vacuum on all skin types including oily and sensitive, sucking out chemicals, toxins and impurities from deep within and excess sebum which leads to frequent breakouts backed by Chlorophyll that controls inflammation and bumps. The result is clear matte luminous skin with a lasting healthy glow. Omega rich Vitamin F delivers a hard hit of hydration leaving your skin velvety soft, smooth and supple. This new generation formula also includes a unique botanical blend of Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile waters that come together to intensely moisturise, soothe, calm irritated or sun-burnt skin and balance it’s PH levels.


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Light Up Green Juice Superfood Brightening Face Cleanse 

Say Hello to unrivalled hydration and mega moisturising with Omega rich Avocado, Hemp, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter that leaves your skin cushiony soft and smooth. Anti-inflammatory Hemp and anti-bacterial Matcha are complete professionals at tackling acne by balancing sebum production. Squeaky clean and significantly brighter skin is all yours with Hemp that cleanses pores from deep within without clogging them and detoxifying Matcha that erases dirt, chemicals and toxins seamlessly. Miracle herb Parsley adds to an unforgettably great cleanse by gently removing dead cells and lightening spots.


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Juicy Chemistry 

Juicy Chemistry is as natural as a brand can come. Organic, sulphate free with no preservatives or fragrance oils, choose this if you want true blue salt of the earth skincare. 


Juicy Chemistry Organic Mist Spray 

This facial mist is made of Australian tea tree essential oil and basil, which treats acne with its purifying properties. It soothes the skin by reducing inflammation and redness and also helps in preventing age spots and fine lines. The medicinal richness of basil helps in improving skin tone while the Vitamin C enriched goodness of lemon prevents spots and blemishes, giving your skin an everlasting glowing radiance. 


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Juicy Chemistry Organic Face Scrub 

Deep cleanse the skin twice a week with this brightening face scrub that helps in extracting all the dirt and grime settled in the pores. It also helps restore skin's natural glow. The face scrub deep cleanses the pores to help get rid of blackheads and whiteheads and achieve a clear skin. The fresh aroma of rose and saffron is soothing to the nerves while the ingredients work on toning and balancing the skin for a natural glow. 


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Dr. Sheth’s 

With a less ‘general wellness’ and more ‘targeted dermatology’ point of view on skincare, this brand takes its medical accreditation seriously. Their acne-targeting products, in specific, have a reputation of getting in there and sorting the mess out. 

Dr. Sheth’s Multitasking Miracle Cream 

This cream helps moisturise, hydrate and nourish the skin. It is enriched with Rosa Canina Extract helps with aging and pigmentation, almond oil that hydrates and nourishes skin, hyaluronic acid plumps up and hydrates your skin, and Vitamin E that heals and nourishes skin. 


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Dr. Sheth’s Oat & Zinc Mineral Sunscreen 

This sunscreen helps protect from UVA and UVB rays, pollution and blue light damage. It is enriched with zinc oxide, oat lipids, ectoin and vitamin E. Apart from shielding the skin from the sun, it also repairs damage and rejuvenates skin’s microbiome. 


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