8 Types of makeup brushes every makeup lover must have

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8 Types of makeup brushes every makeup lover must have
8 Types of makeup brushes every makeup lover must have

While a 20-set brush kit may look appealing, the everyday makeup user has little need for most of it. It is better to invest in brushes that you might make more use of than to buy a set and not use half of them. Here, we have curated a list of 8 makeup brushes with each of their uses so you can decide which one would be best suited for you. 


1. Buffing Brush 

If you prefer applying foundation with a brush rather than a wet sponge, this is for you. It’s easier to use than a traditional flat foundation brush. The tightly-packed bristles help buff liquids, creams and powders seamlessly on the skin. You can use it to apply foundation, concealer and a cream blush. The softness of the brush will give you a luxurious feel. 


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2. Tapered Brush 

A tapered face brush is ideal for strategically powdering your face. The slightly flared bristles pick up just enough product to give you control over how much you want to apply, and the size is small enough to fit into the crevices of your face that may need powdering around your nose, between the brows, above the chin, etc. You could also use it to sweep highlighter across your cheekbones or to contour the hollows of your cheeks. 


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3. Eye Brush 

This brush is the perfect size and shape for eyeshadow application of all kinds. Use it to fill colour into the crease and as a blending blush to diffuse harsh edges.


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4. Small Angled Brush 

If you like to define your brows using powder products, an angled brush like this one will be invaluable. The thin edge is useful for sketching hair-like strokes to fill sparse areas in your eyebrows. As the bristles are quite stiff, this could also double as an eyeliner brush. The angled shape makes drawing flicks and wings of all kinds relatively easy.


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5. Fluffy Brush 

The fluffy brush is best suited for use with pressed or loose powder products. It’s great for when you want to cover large areas of your face with setting powder, bronzer or blush


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6. Crease Brush 

If the smoky eye is your go-to look, it’s probably wise to keep one of these brushes handy at all times. The soft bristles and a subtly pointed tip will make the process of seamlessly blending eyeshadow a lot smoother. 


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7. Pencil Brush 

To smudge colour into the lower lash line, you need a pencil brush. The short, compact bristles are just right to sweep the right amount of eyeshadow along the lower lashes. Additionally, the small size and rounded shape make it a great tool for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. 


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8. Detail Brush 

This teensy little brush wields a lot of power. This detail brush is your go-to for more intricate graphic liner looks. Plus, it works perfectly for precisely spot concealing small scars and blemishes.


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