9 Perfume hacks that will ensure you smell amazing ALL the time

Updated on Sep 25, 2019 04:16 AM IST  |  2.2M
9 Perfume hacks that will ensure you smell amazing ALL the time
9 Perfume hacks that will ensure you smell amazing ALL the time

Perfumes are extremely expensive. Finding one that suits your style, that isn't so strong that you get a headache, is perfectly balanced between bring the right among of fruity and musky, is not easy to find. Sure, there are hacks about all the places to apply perfume But how to make the divine scent last longer on your skin? Read on to find out!

Rub Vaseline before spraying perfume
Rubbing petroleum jelly on the skin before spraying on perfume, ensures that the fragrance is held on the skin for a longer period of time than spraying it on dry skin. 

Store perfumes in a cool, dry place
According to research, heat, light and humidity breaks down the perfume and reduces the quality of the product. Cool and dry places will ensure it remains intact and the scent lingers for a longer time while remaining strong. 


Oily skin has the power to hold the scent for a longer period of time as opposed to dry skin which lets the scent slide easily. Apply an unscented moisturiser on your skin before spraying your favourite scent on it. 

Target pulse points
Pulse points or warmer areas on the body have more retaining power and ensure the scent lingers for longer when sprayed on them. It also helps in diffusing the scent throughout the body and lets the scent rise through the day. The major pulse points include: behind your knees, on your ankles and calves, on your neck, inside your elbows, on your wrists. 


Spray a dash on your brush
Spraying perfumes directly on your hair causes it to dry up and break easily. Instead, spritz some in your hairbrush and then brush your hair which will allow it to smell good through the day with minimum damage. 

Get rid of the scent
If you are testing different scents and don't like one, wanting to immediately get it off, use a makeup remover to get rid of the scent immediately. 

Judge the true scent
The true scent of perfume cannot be understood when you have immediately sprayed the scent. Instead, wait till it has dried up completely and then take a sniff. This is the true scent of the perfume. 


Make your towels and clothes smell good
To ensure your freshly done laundry smells as good as your favourite scent, line your wardrobe with tissue paper and spray this with your favourite scent. This will cling on to your clothes and ensure they smell amazing at all times!

Walk through the scent
If you aren't too fond of strong scents and like just a hint of the fresh scent on yourself, spray the perfume at an arms distance in the air and walk through it while it diffuses. This will ensure that the minute droplets shower your clothes and body and a hint of the scent lingers.