Acne problems? These are the possible causes of breakouts, based on the location of pimples on your face

Acne is one problem that never seems to have a solution and is constantly taking over the face. Here is what is causing it!
Acne,pimples,acne problems,reasons for acne Acne problems? These are the possible causes of breakouts, based on the location of pimples on your face
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Breakouts usually happen due to both internal and external factors, foods consumed and products used. Everything from sleeping on a dirty pillow to using a cell-phone to an unwashed makeup brush can cause acne on the cheeks. Similarly, there are multiple other reasons for acne sprouting out on different areas of your face! Read on to know more. 


One of the most common places of acne breakouts, if there are breakouts on the cheeks it means that the problem area is your lungs! Clogged lungs lead to clogged pores which is why splashing water on the face and facial steams are a great relief, for they also help in declogging the face and lungs. 

Pimples also sprout up because of continuous use of unwashed pillow cases, unclean phone screen, unclean helmet and more that constantly come in touch with your cheek area. 


Acne in the nose, chin and forehead area contains the most oil on the face so breakouts in these areas usually revolve around sweat production. Stagnation of sweat in these areas causes breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Washing the face in intervals and using retinol to unclog pores can improve these conditions. 

Chin and Jaw

Pimples and acne in this area usually revolve around hormonal problems and consumption of fatty food. Consumption of more processed fat and foods that contain carbs also cause insulin resistance and leads to breakouts and formation of blackheads and whiteheads on the area. 

When it comes to women, the belief is that breakouts in this area are likely to happen when one is close to menstruating or even if the small intestine is clogged. This can be reduced by drinking more water and increasing the fibre intake. 

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