Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type

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Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type
Add a toner to your skincare regime if you haven’t already: 5 Toners for every skin type

If you follow or want to follow a well-versed skincare routine, then you must know that a toner is just the next step after you cleanse your face. You must apply a toner even before you apply a serum and a moisturiser since it helps in better absorption of the other skincare products. Apart from this, it also shrinks the pores, restores the skin’s pH balance, adds a layer of protection, acts as a moisturiser, refreshes the skin and prevents ingrown hairs. If you are looking to incorporate this beauty secret into your skin care routine, we have rounded up a few of the best toners for each skin type. 


For oily, acne-prone skin 

Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner 

This toner is especially crafted for oily and acne-prone skin. It is effective in fighting acne and acne marks. Enriched with green tea extracts, it helps stop the formation of new acne and kill the bacteria causing acne from the root itself. It also contains Glycolic acid that helps remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your oily, acne-prone skin resulting in clear, hydrated, even-toned skin all in just one swipe!



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For normal skin 

Indulgeo Essentials Pore Minimiser Toner 

This toner is infused with the optimum combination of spearmint and basil in witch hazel that gives excellent results. The astringent and cooling properties of spearmint heals acne, calms down inflammation, lightens dark spots and blemishes. It controls oiliness, reduces blackheads and removes dead cells while moisturising the skin within. With natural Salicylic Acid and Vitamin A, spearmint rejuvenates and refreshes the skin making it brighter, softer and smoother. 



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For dry skin 

Organic Harvest Vitamin A Face Toner 

This toner for dry skin ensures the removal of all sorts of dirt, grime, and impurities for cleaner pores. The properties embodied in vitamin A are essentially restored in this toner. It helps people with larger pores to minimise their appearance. With shrunken pores, the possibility of dirt clogging in them is also minimal. It also helps restore the natural pH balance of the skin. Apart from vitamin A, both aloe vera and broccoli feature minerals and vitamins that cater to the nutritional demand of our skin.



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For combination skin 

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Antioxidant Toner 

This Vitamin B3 enriched antioxidant toner is alcohol free and promises to not dry your skin out! It’s cooling after-effect is so soothing and nourishing, all thanks to the goodness of chamomile extracts, white tea and aloe juice! It’s calming, mild fragrance let’s you chill while it works it’s magic on your open pores! It gives that extra love and care to your skin without stripping it off its natural moisture!



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For sensitive skin 

Good Vibes Rose Glow Toner 

This toner is enriched with the revitalising properties of roses and adds a splash of hydrating nourishment to your skin. It evens out skin texture and smoothens uneven or rough skin texture. Increased levels of hydration make your skin plump and supple. Rose extracts are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Thus, it helps in brightening skin tone and complexion while pumping your skin with utmost nourishment and moisturisation. Rose is a perfect fit for soothing an irritated or inflamed skin type. 



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