Addicted to makeup? THESE are the beauty products which are worth the big bucks

Retail therapy is the best form of therapy and it sure does feel good to treat yourself every once in a while!
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but shopping for diamonds too often isn’t very economically feasible. So we settle for shopping for makeup and how! An American research says that a woman may spend up to USD 300,000 on makeup in their lifetime. That’s a staggering amount! Women buy makeup to not just look their best but also feel their best. There’s hardly anything that seems undoable when you draw a powerful wing and put on some red lipstick.

While not many of us spend a grand fortune on makeup very often, we still allow ourselves the joy of buying something luxurious every once in a while. If you are strapped for cash, you can still splurge on something extravagant and not feel guilty about it. All of you have to do is figure out that one beauty product worth spending the big bucks on. This list will help you decide which beauty product should be your next big buy!


Personalised foundation



Buying the correct foundation that exactly matches your skin tone is a nightmare, especially if you are buying foundation online. A lot of high end brands these days have come up with the perfect solution to this common problem - they have started making personalised foundation for every individual. All you have to do is show up at the store, and let the in-house skin specialist mix different shades of foundation to find the one that perfectly matches your own!


Designer lipsticks



Many fashion designers, celebrities and fashion bloggers collaborate with major makeup brands to come out with beauty products. One of the most common scope of such a collaboration is in lipsticks. You can invest in a tube of that much coveted designer lipstick, it’s a treat after all!


High end mascara



Eye products such as mascara and kajal should never be compromised on. Invest in products that come in close contact with your eyes to avoid any discomfort. A tube of mascara can last for up to six months so splurging on one makes sense. High end mascaras are safe on the eyes and gives length and volume to your eyelashes!


Stain blush




Blushes that are available on the market are usually available as powders. While they work perfectly fine, they might sometimes look chalky and unnatural. For a natural flush of colour, stain blushes work the best. They are still exclusive to the high end brands as of now and feel you should totally invest in one with the big bucks!


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