All the hair washing MISTAKES you are making while taking a shower; Check it out

For years we have used wrong techniques while taking a shower. THIS is what you are doing wrong which is making your hair health worse. Check it out

Updated on Jul 25, 2019 02:25 AM IST  |  1.5M
All the hair washing MISTAKES you are making while taking a shower; Check it out
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We have often complained about the fact that our hair gets frizzy, dry, limp or oily and there’s no denying that! While this is true, the thing that a lot of us do not realize is what we do wrong? While the climate and the environment can be responsible for some of our hair problems, there are certain things that we, ourselves do wrong. We often follow the same routine of rinsing the hair for years together but do you know if you are doing it the right way? While most of us are not aware of our wrongdoings, here are a few mistakes we make just in the shower. 




If you use the same products and techniques to wash your hair throughout the year, you’re probably doing it wrong. Using the same shampoo for summers, rainy and winters will only make your hair worse. The products that work during the scorching heat is most likely not meant to work during the humidity of the rainy season or the dryness that winters bring. This is probably why your hair ends up getting dry and frizzy over a period of time.




If you are using hot water to wash your hair, it is the worst thing that you can possibly do. Hot water can open the hair cuticle making it prone to get affected by moisture. This further makes the hair dry and frizzy while also increasing the risk of split ends. 




If your hair is getting limp and oily too early after a wash, it could probably be because of the excess product residue in your hair. Many times people tend to take a quick shower due to time restraints and do not rinse the hair thoroughly. This results in the leftover product being stuck to your hair causing limp hair and oily patches. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the hair while avoiding unnatural scrubbing to do so.



Some people experience dandruff or other scalp problems. The one thing that you are doing wrong here is that you use the dandruff shampoo for your whole head and hair instead of just treating the affected patches of the scalp. The medicinal shampoo can affect the health of all your hair while affecting them. Make sure to use the medicinal remedies only on the spots you need. 



In order to condition the entire head, people often use it even on the scalp and roots. This makes the hair limp making them fall flat. As an addition to that, the conditioner clogs the hair follicle by making it prone to dandruff. To avoid these problems, make sure to only use the conditioner on hair strands and not the roots.



This is more of an after shower thing that you are doing wrong. Using the same bristled towel for the hair that you used on the body is the first thing that you are doing wrong. As an addition to that, rubbing your hair with a towel post-shower will remove some excess moisture. It may also make your hair look worse in the long run. Blotting the hair with a soft cloth can get the excess water out without actually damaging the strands. 


What is your routine in the shower? Let us know in the comments section below.


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