Almond Oil is the ONE kitchen ingredient that solves both skin and hair woes without much effort

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Almond Oil is the ONE kitchen ingredient that solves both skin and hair woes without much effort

The "King of Nuts", almonds are filled with healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals that are all excellent for not just the internal but external system as well. The oil derived from this dry fruit helps in enhancing the skin and hair, giving it a supple glow and leaving hair feeling thick and lively again. Cold-pressed almond oil is not only something nutritionists and experts swear by, but Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed to us that it is what her mother suggests she apply to bring out a glow!

Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of this oil that will convince you to invest in it.

Almond oil for skin:
- Soothes dry skin
Those spots like our elbows and knees only look shabby because the skin on those areas is extremely dry. To boost hydration, and help in retaining moisture, the Vitamin E present in Almond oil helps smoothen the area and soothes the skin.

- Lighten scars and stretch marks
Pregnant woman are often advised to massage their stretch marks with sweet almond oil for it is known to fade them over time. Regular application of almond oil on acne scars and marks also helps get rid of them.
- Reduces puffiness
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Almond oil when massaged beneath the eyes is known to reduce puffiness. It also contains retinol that helps in soothing the skin under the eyes and reducing the appearance of the crow's eye wrinkles that form as well!

Almond oil for hair:
- Promotes hair growth
One of the essential ingredients in Almond oil is biotin which is often prescribed to people who struggle with hair loss, hair thinning, etc.
Regular application and massage of almond oil on the scalp helps in making the hair thicker over time.
- Soothes itchy scalp
Like it does with the skin, almond oil also works its way through the scalp and soothes it while boosting moisture and hydration. Applying almond oil and massaging it on your scalp helps reduce dandruff and itchiness over time.

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