Amazon Deal of the Day: Shop THESE 6 sheet masks from Amazon for a young & fresh look

Work stress and deadlines can take a toll on your skincare routine and make your face look dull. Check out these 6 sheet masks to win a flawless face in minutes.
Amazon Deal of the Day: Shop THESE 6 sheet masks from Amazon for a young & fresh look
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Lack of time would be your reason for not taking care of your face. If so, sheet masks are your answer to that problem. All you need to do is spread them on your face and carry on with your work or relax on the couch. The sheet masks moisturise and rejuvenate your face in a matter of a few minutes. On today’s Amazon deal of the day, we bring to you pocket-friendly sheet masks with a variety of properties for your skin type to choose from. Scroll on and buy your sheet mask and give your skin a vacation!

Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

Obsessed with the flawless glass skin of Koreans? You can have them with a little care and a persistent skincare routine for your face and a healthy diet. Take a step closer to your dream of Korean glass skin with these vitamin E and collagen-infused sheet masks.

Price: 29.99 USD

Deal of the day: 9.99 USD

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Freshfood Sheet Mask

Topical application of fruit extracted vitamins on your face and hydrates and relaxes you, also helps improve skin pigmentation and dark circle issues. This combo sheet mask contains avocado, cucumber, grape, orange, fig, tomato, mangosteen, cranberry, honey, mango, blueberry and carrot extracts in each to make your skin youthful and lively.

Price: 13.99 USD

Deal of the day: 11.99 USD

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Moisturizing Sheet Mask

This sheet mask is amazing for adding moisture back to your skin! Use whenever your skin feels dry and dull. It contains ceramides, which is a part of your skin's moisture barrier that protects the skin from environmental stressors and keeps your face looking young and plump.

Price: 10.99 USD

Deal of the day: 9.21 USD

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Cotton Face Mask Sheet

Made with unbleached, certified organic cotton fabric, the sheet delivers maximum serum onto your face without leaving excess at the bottom of the pouch-like other materials. Gentle for all skin types making it suitable for both men and women.

Price: 25.00 USD

Deal of the day: 21.19 USD

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Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

Riddled by dry, dull, sagging, and lifeless skin? Get back that rosy radiance with these anti-ageing, hydrating sheet masks. Take off makeup, wash your face with warm water and adjust the mask to your face. Remove the mask after 20–30 minutes and lightly stroke the face area with the pads of your fingers so that the nutrients are better absorbed.

Price: 22.97 USD

Deal of the day: 13.97 USD

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Vitamin C Sheet Mask

This hydrating face mask is infused with essential oils and minerals to replenish your skin’s moisture content promoting a supple healthy glow. his peel-off face mask works well for both men and women and, guess what? delivers immediate results! Vitamin C has proven to be one of the greatest anti-ageing ingredients and this sheet mask has got the ingredient infused with other essential oils to make your skin glow.

Price: 14.95 USD

Deal of the day: 12.99 USD

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