Amazon Great Republic Sale: Top 10 Skincare tools under Rs. 300 that you shouldn't avoid

Get to know the top 10 skincare tools under Rs. 300 to grab from Amazon Great Republic Sale 2022

Updated on Jan 15, 2022 11:58 PM IST  |  415.5K
 Amazon Great Republic Sale: Top 10 Skincare tools under Rs. 300 that you shouldn't avoid
Amazon Great Republic Sale: Top 10 Skincare tools under Rs. 300 that you shouldn't avoid
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Skincare tools are important for the stimulation of your facial cells. And these facial cells need to be pampered in order to achieve healthy and glowing skin. When you look for ways to reduce your face puffiness and optimise your radiance, these skincare tools come to your rescue. Amazon Great Republic Sale 2022 is around the corner and so you must check top 10 skincare tools that can do wonders to your skin in a budget friendly way.


1. Vaporizer machine


Vaporizer machine is widely used for respiratory ailment therapies. This steam vaporiser works like magic on your facial skin. It unlocks impurities, opens up pores and makes your skin clearer. In addition, it loosen up dirt and grime that has been dwelling into your facial pores. 


Price: Rs. 630 

Deal: Rs. 299

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2. Jade Roller


Jade rollers gently massages your facial skin and amps up your radiance. They reduce your face puffiness in a jiffy and heals wrinkles. It is a must have beauty tool to tighten, lose, massage, tone or relax your blood cells for attaining utmost glowy skin.


Price: Rs. 259

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3. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush


Never ignore your scalp while pampering your skin. It deserves equal attention as an unhealthy scalp might show adverse effects on the face. This hair scalp massager shampoo brush has soft and thick silicone bristles. It massages your scalp making it dandruff free. It stimulates the blood flow and the oil glands. This brush is easy to hold and durable. In addition, it is a great tool to unwind stress and headaches. 


Price: Rs. 599

Deal: Rs. 269

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4. Facial Cleansing Brush


This facial brush is a perfect skin exfoliating tool that deserves some space in your beauty box. It cleanse, massages and exfoliates your skin to the fullest and paves way for a clean makeup application. You can use this brush all over your face to improve circulation and collagen.


Price: Rs. 260

Deal: Rs. 252

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5. Facial Hair Removal Machine


Facial hair might annoy you and hamper your facial beauty. To achieve an everlasting radiant skin, you should seize this machine. You can trim your eyebrows, remove facial hair, use it for under arms, bikini line, cheeks and arms. 


Price: Rs. 749

Deal: Rs. 269

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6. Aloe Vera Cool Gel Eye Mask


Aloe Vera Gel Mask is an ice cooling gel mask for getting rid of your eye patches and dark circles. In addition, it also helps in unwinding your fatigue and stress. These eye pads are infused with aloe vera for utmost eye care. 


Price: Rs. 599

Deal: Rs. 199

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7. Acne Extractor Kit


This kit contains all the tools that you need to bid adieu to pimples, acnes, blackheads and facial impurities. You can pluck out facial ingrown hair, blemishes, whiteheads and comedones. With an ultra fine extrusion ring at the tip of each, the tools featured by the kit are a sheer bliss. 


Price: Rs. 349

Deal: Rs. 210

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8. Anti-Aging Pen


This anti-aging pen is a derma pen cartridge with 36 needles in it. It is suitable for all skin types. The micro needling function of the pen diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and also treats acne spots and scars. This pen is a must to experience anti-aging benefits. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 248

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9. Derma Roller


This derma roller comes with 540 needles. It is a widely used tool for effective anti-ageing solutions. The roller increases the thickness of the skin and rejuvenates it till the depth. It eliminates wrinkles, acne spots, stretch marks and aids in attaining a healthy and glowing skin. 


Price: Rs. 299

Deal: Rs.193

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10. Face Washing Brush


Face washing brush is an essential skin care tool that will delve into your opened pores and gush out all the impurities. The soft teeth of the brush removes the dead skin and reaches places where fingers cannot. What else do you need in your daily skin care regime? 


Price: Rs. 199

Deal: Rs. 178

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Beauty tools are now in your budget. Grab them now before they belong to someone else. It is the time to pamper your skin and sink into the skin care regime for better and long lasting facial glow. Don't forget to thank Amazon Great Republic Sale 2022!


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