Are blackheads your DAUNTING enemy? Here are 3 easy ways to naturally remove them

The tricky blackheads pop up on your skin no matter how hard you take care of your skin. Here are 3 natural ways to get rid of them. Check it out!
Are blackheads your DAUNTING enemy? Here are 3 easy ways to naturally remove them Are blackheads your DAUNTING enemy? Here are 3 easy ways to naturally remove them
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Blackheads are a type of mild acne that are formed when accumulated dirt and sebum on the face clogs the pores on the skin. The air around oxidises it and turns it to black in colour. Often spotted in the nose and forehead regions of the face, blackheads tend to keep coming back if not taken care of properly. If you have an oily or combination skin type, your constant struggle fighting the blackheads goes unsaid and to help you, we have found 3 home remedies to get rid of these blackheads. 

Baking soda

Baking soda has got the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and helps in removing blackheads by exfoliating dead skin cells and extra sebum. All you need is some water to mix with the baking soda into a thin paste. Apply only in concerned areas and wash it off after 15-20 minutes. You can try this every day to reap the results faster.

Honey mask

Blackhead removal at home can be made easy with honey and egg yolk mixture. Honey hydrates and cools the skin. Often used as a softening ingredient in the beauty routine, honey when mixed with eggs helps in tightening the skin and reduces the size of the pores thus decreasing the sebum secretion. Mix honey and egg and apply the paste to your face. Rinse off after 20 minutes and watch your skin shine and glow. Repeat the process once or twice a week for better results.


Having saved the best for the last, the turmeric and salt is a match made in heaven to get the blackheads out of sight. Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric combined with coconut oil's natural essence of soothing the skin makes it an excellent choice for a face mask. Mix both the ingredients and apply the paste to target areas. Let it rest for 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Use this mixture for every alternate day and witness the magic!

Let’s understand that different skin types react differently to these ingredients and the process of blackhead removal takes time. Consistent skincare routine and hygiene practices and double-cleansing can permanently put an end to your black ends.


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