Are you layering products right? Here's the step by step guide to lead you to skincare heaven

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Are you layering products right? Here's the step by step guide to lead you to skincare heaven
Are you layering products right? Here's the step by step guide to lead you to skincare heaven
We tend to do almost everything with an end goal in mind. Skincare is one such thing people often invest time and money to obtain maximum benefits. But, this too, if followed right, you can consider yourself lucky enough to see results. Forget the fussing that comes with patting on layers of products, keep it stress-free and simple for your skin. 
Your skin doesn’t appreciate the unbreathable moments. As much as you wish to do good to your skin, learn what works and how a particular product must be layered upon for it to work strategically. From preventing the cause of skin irritations to amping up your skin’s glow, layering your products right is a vital lesson to learn. Below, are steps that can help you make some accurate decisions for your skin.
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1) Cleanser
Start your day on a lighter note. Meaning, get rid of heavy and deep-seated grime with a cleanser that suits your skin type. This shall create a clean base and help products to seep into your skin even better. 
2) Toner 
Look for a toner that can help balance your skin’s pH levels and tighten your pores. 
3) Serum 
Formulas that target any concern raised by your skin from acne, dull skin, ageing, and more, aims to offer a solution with active ingredients. Vitamin C (use during the day) and Hyaluronic acid (preferably at night) are the most sought-after serums. 
4) Eye cream 
The area under your eyes requires the most cautious care. It’s used to lighten dark circles, flatten puffy eye bags, and delay the appliance of wrinkles. Use your ring finger to swipe it on gently and give it a massage. 
5) Moisturiser 
Look for a formula that’s infused with sunscreen so it can more than just role for you. While it keeps your skin hydrated, supple, and bouncy, let it also help shield your skin from the harness of UVA and UVB rays. This can prevent age spots and other skin irritations. Try aloe vera, maybe? 
6) Face oil 
Since oils are generally thick, these can help hold up all products you’ve layered before their application. This will help to amplify the efficacy of every single step you’ll follow so far. Try a patch test to see the one that does not trouble your skin. While this is your ideal AM routine, ensure to make this your last step and skip sunscreen before you hit the sack. 
7) Sunscreen 
The protector of your skin. Although your moisturiser might have a certain percentage of SPF in it, the last step of your morning skincare routine should be solely dedicated to sunscreen. To not only save your skin from harmful pollutants but also keep it safe from the sun’s extreme shine that can leave your skin with many baddies, slather that sunscreen every day. 
What does your skincare routine look like? Let us know in the comments below. 
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