Attain a full grown, bushy beard this ‘No Shave November’ with these 5 beard growth oils

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Attain a full grown, bushy beard this ‘No Shave November’ with these 5 beard growth oils
Attain a full grown, bushy beard this ‘No Shave November’ with these 5 beard growth oils

No shave November is a campaign that promotes that one should embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose. But what about those boys who still have trouble growing a beard? Well, worry not! These growth enhancing beard oils will give you a nice and bushy beard in no time so that you can actually embrace your hair and flaunt it too. 


Ustraa Beard Growth Oil 

This beard oil shows up to 40 percent more hair growing cells. Growth and volume made with the patented Redensyl molecule, works on your hair’s stem cells, this oil will help get you growth as well as volume in your beard. It is enriched with 8 natural oils like almond, argan and castor that moisturises and nourishes the beard, while also formulating beard growth. 


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Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil 

This beard oil helps promote hair and beard growth and makes the beard smooth and frizz free. Enriched with natural ingredients like hibiscus oil, coconut oil and amla amongst others to ensure all round care for your precious mane. It helps harmonize nourishment across the beard and scalp resulting in uniform hair growth. The ingredients’ unique properties promote uniform growth and nourishment across your beard and scalp.


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The Man Company Beard Oil 

This advanced almond and thyme beard oil for men promotes beard growth by supplying all the natural nutrients and makes it more manageable. It is rich in Vitamin E and protein, both of which have the proven benefits of promoting hair growth. The fatty acids in almonds help in reducing inflammation of the skin under the beard. Thyme promotes hair nourishment and contains vitamin E which nourishes the beard. The argan oil prevents drying of the hair shafts and provides deep nourishment of hair, and prevents frizz and split ends.


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Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil 

This beard growth oil helps promote healthy beard and mustache growth. It also strengthens the beard and provides a deep nourishment to the hair follicles leading to healthy, stronger, fuzz free beards. It also ensures your beard looks even from all ends. It naturally moisturises the skin from underneath your beard. A rich fusion of five essential oils, it solves patchy beard issues, ensures that all new hair follicles grow out smoothly, and reduces the occurrence of pimples and acne. 


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ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum 

This serum helps attain a full-bodied beard that is a mark of a man’s pride. A science-backed formula that uses miRNA technology to generate beard growth on a cellular level. It not only increases the thickness of the beard but also patches beard baldness. Infused with caffeine, it promotes regrowth by blocking the DHT effect in men. This potent formula creates the perfect micro-environment to activate and continue consistent beard growth giving a uniform thicker look. It repairs and rejuvenates the skin’s barrier to keep breakouts, acne and skin irritation at bay. 


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