Back Acne: Causes and simple home remedies to soothe pimples on the back

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Back Acne: Causes and simple home remedies to soothe the pimples

Any kind of acne is never fun. Acne on the back is not only problematic when we want to enjoy summer by wearing tank tops and swimsuits, but it can also be extremely painful. The best bet to deal with 'bacne' effectively is to visit a skin expert or dermatologist.

What causes bacne?
Like every other kind of acne formed on the skin, acne formed on the back also starts to form when the hair follicles below the skin's surface get clogged up. Pores on the back are much larger than those on the face, which makes the back an easy target for excessive sebum production.
Bacne occurs when there is overproduction of oil which causes bacterial buildup. This in turn causes inflammation of the glands that produce oil, causing the pimple to develop.

Genetics and sweat are also known to contribute to bacne and make it worse.

Home remedies to manage bacne:
Tea tree oil
An effective oil that can be used to fight inflammation and acne, tea tree oil helps in killing the bacteria on the skin and therefore subsiding the inflamed area. Applying the oil gel directly to each pimple on the back to reduce the aggravated acne.

While it is not advised to scrub your skin hard with a brush or, exfoliation helps in removing the extra sebum and dirt from the top layer of the skin. Ensure you don't scrub the skin or it could cause irritation and peel off the top layer, causing acne scars.

Don't allow hair conditioner to run down your back
Long hair staying on your back may add to the oil and dirt present on the skin. Most times, try to tie your hair up in a ponytail or bring it to the front if you are sweating.
When washing your hair and applying hair conditioner after shampoo, don't allow the conditioner to run down on your back as it contains ingredients that can further clog the pores.

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