Banana Peel for skin: Lesser known benefits of using peel of the fruit on your face for the best skin

As weird as it sounds, keeping the peel of a banana for future use for your skin has more benefits than you know! Read on to find out more.
skincare,banana peel Banana peel for the skin
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One of the greatest things about fruits is that every part of them is useful. Once consumed, even their waste which is biodegradable can be further used for the well being of the body. One such fruit that can be used to its core, is the banana. After the fruit is consumed, even the peel is beneficial and can be used on the skin. Here's why you need to rub the peel of the fruit on your skin.

Benefits of the banana peel on the skin:
- Minimises wrinkles
The peel has a high antioxidant content. Rubbing it on your skin for ten minutes after thoroughly washing your face, for around a week delivers results. You will see a natural glow occurring on your face.

- Reduces under-eye puffiness
Best for sensitive skin, rubbing a banana peel under your eyes helps in the circulation of blood and improves blood flow. Since the skin under your eyes is also very sensitive, the banana peel nourishes it.

- Treats acne
Banana peels contain Vitamin C, which is known for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Consistent use of the banana peel on the skin can soothe acne on the skin, calm the skin down and eventually get rid of it completely!

- Reverses sun damage
Especially during summers, the sun has an adverse effect on the skin. It gives rise to sunburns that can be extremely painful. The banana peel that has antioxidant properties, can help in soothing the skin and calming the sunburnt area along with reversing other damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.

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