Bath Bombs: All you need to know and their benefits before using them

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Bath Bombs: All you need to know and their benefits before using them
Bath Bombs: All you need to know and their benefits before using them

Seeing all the rage of bath bombs and have no idea how to use them? Besides, if you don't know what bath bombs are, there's nothing to be shy about that either. That's why we are going to spell all the deets that you need to know. Bath bombs, formerly ‘Aqua Sizzlers’, are generally round-shaped ball-like structures that quickly effervesce into the water as soon as they are immersed. They are composed of a weak acid and a bicarbonate base with a mixture of essential oils, fragrants and colourants.

Bath bombs are a surprise discovery that is only meant for your relaxation. In today’s world when we are all stressed out about work, it is important to blow off some steam. While some choose rigorous exercises, others choose to calm themselves in a long relaxing bath. That's where the bath bombs come in. They are eye-catchy and colourful which are available in a myriad of aromas. And it's just not any other ingredient, it can fructify your bathing experience to the maximum. Let's see how. 

Calms your mind


Take a bath bomb and dissolve it into a tub full of water. Bath bombs won't react while dry. After it is dissolved fully, just get into the water and let it soothe your skin and mind. It takes the stress out of your shoulders and calms your nerves.

Moisturises skin


Not only bath bombs can uplift your mood altogether, but it also moisturises your skin as well. They make your skin soft and smooth, supple and healthy.

Improves sleep 


People struggling with sleep due to a busy schedule can calm themselves down with an au naturale bath. The natural ingredients of a bath bomb soothe your body and mind together and provide a relaxing sleep. 



A bath can help you detox. But if you include a bath bomb, it can enrich your bathing experience. It cleanses your body and gets rid of any bad odour. The essential oils found in bath bombs have cleansing properties.

Soothing ambience


The amazing fragrances that fill your bathroom will enhance your mood instantly. You can refresh yourself with these baths and shake off the tension that holds on to you. 

So are you excited to try out this magical experience? Tell us in the comments.

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