Beauty expert REVEALS makeup tips for people with round shaped face

Ms. Aanshul, Founder, Glamm Me, and a Certified Makeup & Beauty Expert has shared vital makeup tips for those who have a round face. Read on to know more.
Beauty expert REVEALS makeup tips for people with round shaped face
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If you have a round-shaped face with fuller cheeks, then you know the struggle of looking chubby even though that might not be the case. Round face shape is pretty common, and the most misunderstood one. Although generous cheeks and soft chin make one appear more youthful and feminine, the face seems to lack structure.

So, how can you achieve an exotic look with high cheekbones and chiseled jawline if you have a round face shape?Well, makeup is the solution to create an optical illusion. Certain transformational techniques can help to enhance your favourite features, slim your face, and play with proportion, all with makeup. Here are some of the easy makeup tricks to slim down your face instantly.


Contouring is the key to provide dimensions to subdued features of your face. Choose a contour color at least two shades darker than your skin tone in the form of powder or cream texture. While contouring cheekbones, apply the dark shade in a diagonal line from the center of cheeks towards the ear. Make sure to place your contour shade properly, and add more thickness towards the ear for sharper cheekbones. Do not forget to blend the contour properly without leaving any harsh lines. To enhance the look, finish off by swiping a luminous highlighter over the cheekbones.  If you want to slim down your chin, then apply bronzer along the jawline, and blend the shade properly. With seamless contour, you will not have to worry about chubby cheeks and double chin ever again!


An angular and more defined eyebrow shape balances out the contouring and creates an illustration of an elongated face. To make the eyebrows more pronounced, use a dark shade on the arch and tail of the brow. Add a little highlighter on the brow bone. Also, fill in the brows with a brow pencil one shade lighter than the natural eyebrow color. 


Opt for bold eye makeup to create a statement through eyes. Kohl-rimmed eyes look sultry and ensure that focus stays on the eyes rather than the roundness of the face. Maintain the almond shape of the eyes playing with eyeshadows, and then finish the look with mascara to add drama to the lashes. 


Do not skip the use of blush as it gives a flush of color to the face and enhances the contour. However, the placement of blush is a paramount step to slim down your face. Therefore, apply the blusher lightly across the cheekbones, the apple of the cheeks, and draw it towards the ear. Also, choose a blush with a slight brown undertone rather than using one with a red tone for elongated face shape.


Ask your hair-stylist to give you a layered hair look. It is a go-to hairstyle for many celebrities with a round-shaped face as it creates an illusion of a slimmer face. The hairstyle suits almost every hair texture, be it wavy, or naturally straight. 

Follow these tips to ditch your baby face and flaunt a more defined profile. 

Ms. Aanshul, Founder, Glamm Me, and a Certified Makeup & Beauty Expert.

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