Beauty Hacks: 5 Easy ways to look good WITHOUT makeup

Wondering how to look good without even touching your makeup products? Here's how you can do it!
Beauty Hacks: 5 Easy ways to look good WITHOUT makeupBeauty Hacks: 5 Easy ways to look good WITHOUT makeup
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Makeup has always been a saviour for days when you look like a raccoon and your dark circles have made a forever home under your eyes. While it does help us to hide our blemishes, we should also not forget all the times that makeup products have helped us look our glamorous best! However, this lockdown and the self-quarantine period has definitely helped us realise the importance of natural, glowing skin and if you’re looking to take a break from your makeup products for long, we have just the tips for you. 

While stepping out without makeup, yes, even without a bit of kajal around your eyes and without lipstick, sounds like a bad plan, it’s time to embrace all the natural beauty you have and try and look good without any help of makeup products! Here are some of the tips that will help you look good just with a clear face.

Choose a hairstyle

While you have purposely chosen to skip your makeup, you can always look put-together with various other tricks. A hairstyle is one of the best ways to do so and no we are not asking you to use heat on your hair. That literally puts our purpose to go natural down the drain. Make sure to braid your hair or tie it up in a ponytail or if you are a fan of your natural texture, just comb that mane and you’ll be good to go! If your hair is as messy as your life, you can always cover it u with a hat or a baseball cap and you’ll pretty much be okay! 

how to look good without makeup

Accessorise yourself

While a hat does sound like a great accessory, just putting on a pair of earring or a show-stopping necklace will steal the attention and not make you look like you’ve just got out of bed. 

Comb your brows and curl those lashes!

When you make you brows right, you are pretty much sorted. Mae sure to pluck them and brush them into the right shape you want. It will frame your face and give you a more put-together look! Curling your lashes is another important step as it makes you look more awake and adds a bit of definition around your eyes. 

Massage your face

Just like a workout is important for the body, a bit of massage is important for the face. It sculpts your face and in turn, keeps the blood flowing. This will also give you a healthy glow and plump up the face in all the right places! 

Use petroleum jelly as a highlighter

Now that you have sculpted your face and brought back the lost glow, it’s time to highlight the high-points of your face. I know we said no makeup, but petroleum jelly will just do the trick!  It gives you a natural sheen and an illusion of a high-lighted face without you even touching your makeup products. Even apply the petroleum jelly on your lips to not make it look all dry and crusty!

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to wear bright coloured clothes, it will automatically make you look put-together! 

What is it that you do to look good without makeup? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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