Beauty tips: 5 fool proof ways to get rid of dry and chapped lips FOREVER

Just keeping hydrated and applying loads of vaseline doesn't seem to be wroking? Try these remedies to do the trick.
Beauty tips: 5 fool proof ways to get rid of dry and chapped lips FOREVER
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Chapped lips are one of the most annoying things to deal with. They flake, look unattractive and hurt like nothing else. In many cases lips become so chapped that they even begin to bleed! Chapped lips are usually caused because of dehydration and dryness in the environment. The skin on the lips is also known to be the thinnest, causing them dry out faster than the skin on the rest of the body. 

To combat this, one tends to try to moisturise their lips by constantly licking it. But this only makes matters worse as the saliva evaporates and only dries out the lips more!  While there is no instant remedy for chapped lips, here are some steps to take to achieve smooth and soft lips over time. 

1. Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
When picking out a lip balm of lipstick (if you have to) pick out one that has SPF in it. Lips too can get sunburnt with too much exposure to the sun. Lips can also get inflammed. The best way to combat this is with SPF. 

2. Use a lip scrub 
The simplest way to get rid of dry skin is to use a lip scrub once a week. It is easy to whip up at home with just sugar and honey. Scrub off the dry skin and then coat with a thick layer of balm to help the skin heal. 

3. Don't pluck lips 
It is extremely tempting to pluck and peel off the dry skin on the lips. But this only causes the skin to be exposed and even bleed in certian cases. Instead of plucking them, apply a coat of petroleum jelly or even honey to soothe the lips. 

4. Cover the mouth
If you have naturally dry skin and are aware that you get dry lips, be sure to cover your mouth and protect it so that it is not left exposed. In extremely hot or extremely cool temperatures, use a scarf to cover your mouth and protect your lips. 

5. Don't use flavoured balms 
While it might be tempting to pick out your favourite flavours and favourite scented balms, it is best to steer clear of them. The artificial flavouring can cause sensitive lips to dry out easily leading to chapped lips or even allergies. 

Practice these tips consistently and watch your lips turn from chapped to smooth and supple! How do you combat chapped lips? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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