Beauty Tips: THESE strawberry packs can help you achieve a radiant skin

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, and are great for the skin. Read below to find out how these strawberry face packs can help you achieve a radiant and glowing skin.
Beauty Tips: THESE strawberry packs can help you achieve a radiant skin
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Fruits are not only good for the body, but they also do wonders for the skin. And one such fruit that works well for the skin is strawberry. Strawberries are rich in nutrients can perform miracles for your skin. Strawberries have antioxidants, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, and help to slow down the ageing process, treat burns and offer the best form of UV protection. Apart from this, they also have a high content of salicylic acid, which makes them the ideal agents to treat acne.


If you love to eat strawberries, then here are some packs that you must consider using for your face. These packs will help you achieve glowing radiant skin and will also help you with acne, blemishes, rashes and other skin impurities. 


Strawberries and cream mask:


This mask helps with acne and other blemishes. To make this mask, take some strawberries pure, add fresh cream and 1 tbsp of honey to it. Mix it well and apply it all over your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. You can use this mask daily for better results. 


Strawberry and chocolate mask:


This pack helps you achieve soft and supple skin. In a bowl, mash strawberries with 1tbsp each of cocoa powder and honey. Mix it well and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. 


Honey and strawberry mask:


Honey is an antioxidant and helps to fight skin impurities. Mash a few strawberries with a fork to form a smooth paste. Add 1 tbsp of honey and apply this mask for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. 


Strawberry mask:


This mask is again good to reduce blemishes. In a bowl, mash one small ripe banana and strawberries and add a quarter cup of sour cream and 1tbsp of honey to it. Apply all over face; let it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water.


Strawberry scrub:


Take a few strawberries and slice them up well. Rub them over your face for 5-10 minutes. They contain alpha hydroxy acids, which have the excellent exfoliating ability. 


Some people might be allergic to strawberries, hence it is better to perform a skin patch test before you proceed with application of any of the following face packs.

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