Beauty tips: Waxing your face at HOME? This is everything you NEED to know before pulling facial hair off

Now that salons are shut, many will take to waxing off their upper lip and eyebrows at home. Here's all you need to know before you take the extreme step.
Beauty tips: Waxing your face at HOME? This is everything you NEED to know before pulling facial hair off
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When it comes to hair removal, there are multiple types we can get into. Shaving, tweezing, threading and of course, the most common one being waxing. With the Coronavirus ensuring everybody is locked up at home, salons, parlours, spas and everything else, too remain shut. The most trusted source of getting your upper lip, eyebrows and more done, plucked and tweezed to perfection, is now shut. 

The second-best option of course, is to DIY everything. But there is a chance that things might go terribly wrong! Sure, the hair will grow back, but you could end up with scarring, bleeding and in some cases even allergic reactions to waxing your face off at home. 

So before you get to it, here are some things you need to know before waxing the facial hair from your face:

1. Do a patch test 
While waxing at home with ready-made wax strips is safe, it is best to do a patch test to ensure there are no reactions. Pick out a small patch - either a part of your upper lip or sideburns and test out the strip. If there is no rection for 24 hours, go ahead and wax that hair off!

2. Keep Aloe Gel handy
One of the simplest remedies to deal with skin irritation if the waxing does go wrong despite testing it out, is to let it recuperate with the help of Aloe gel. If your skin is irritated, has red spots or just feels itchy, apply some Aloe Vera gel on it. It is sure to ease out the inflammation and irritation and cool the area. 

3. Use the same strip twice
Once you have completed waxing one section of your face, discard the strip and use a new one. This is purely because the more number of times you use a strip, the lesser hair it pulls out. Also, the more number of times you use a strip to pull out stubborn hair, the more likely your skin is to tear. 

4. Dealing with breakouts 
If you have breakouts on your skin, it is better to consider other forms of hair removal. This is simply because the wax could break open the acne which could in turn cause a massive reaction. 

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