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Beyonce's make up artist reveals 6 tips you NEED to know to look flawless

Sir John is Beyonce's go-to make-up artist when she needs to look her best. The make-up artist shares some tips and tricks every girl could use, to look as flawless as Queen Bee.
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Who doesn't want perfect glowing and healthy skin? We are constantly looking for tips on how to make sure our skin looks like the perfect combination of supple and dewy. Often, we look to celebrities for inspiration how to achieve such skin. Beyonce's make up artist Sir John revealed a few tips on how to get the most perfect an flawless base, and we can't wait to try these and test them for ourselves! Sir John has worked with multiple brands over the span of 20 years and has soon become an industry name in Hollywood. He is also who Queen Bee goes to when she needs to look her best. 


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According to the artiste, you need to first, 
Sir John believes in investing in a great moisturiser. His trick - apply the moisturiser on skin when it is wet and then start applying the foundation, once the moisturiser has dried. This makes the makeup look more seamless and ensures that coverage is even. 
Multiple foundations
According to Sr John, just one foundation shade is not enough. Everybody needs to have at least two so the darker one can be used in summer when you are more tan and the lighter one in winters. The darker shade can also be used as a bronzer. The same goes with concealer as well. 
Avoid cakeing your face with makeup
The idea is to look as natural as possible (while looking flawless of course). But you don't see layers of make up on Beyonce's face do you? Incorporate the same into your routine. Don't apply so much make up that it hides your freckles completely or completely gets rid of your dark circles. Go easy on your face. 
Invest in good brushes
When you are applying concealer, spread it out evenly with a fluffy eyeshadow brush - a technique Sir John swears by. The product spreads more evenly as compared to when you dab it with your fingers. 
Highlight strategically
The point of a highlighter is for it to give you a luminous glow. use your finger to tap lightly on the sides of your face. When you are at a Beyonce concert, you see her highlighter only from the sides, not when you look at her face from the front. Highlight strategically. 
Set with powder
Like most make up artists, Sir John too believes in dabbing some loose powder lightly all over the face and the t-zone, to ensure the make up stays and doesn't come off. But NEVER use powder under the eyes since it enhances the creases and makes you look years older. 

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