THIS is the biggest mistake you can make while grooming your brows

Always craved for those thick brows that actresses seem to have just naturally? Well avoid doing these things to get those perfect thick brows.
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There was a time when super thin brows were the biggest trend in the world. Cut to now when thick and bushy are in. Brows are what define and frame one's face. With a perfectly defined brow, the entire look of the face is accentuated. The right kind of brows will transform your face well. But unlike the common misconception, brows should not be left the way they are. They need to be groomed, trimmed, filled and maintained. 

(Alia Bhatt has thick and well-maintained eyebrows)

Not shaping your brows
Brows can be threaded or waxed to maintain the shape. But the biggest mistake according to make-up artists is that people wait until brows grow out of shape to tweeze them or shape them. Artists recommend that once you find a shape you like, tweeze your brows as soon as you start to see them grow. That way you can keep up the shape and they are always maintained. 
Using a pencil to fill in your brows
Another big mistake, according to artists, is that a number of people use pencils to fill their brows. Pencils can be waxy and will tend to pull the hair out. Powders, on the other hand, are softer and you can always add more or reduce the amount easily if you feel it is too much. 
Not using brow gel
Brow gel helps the make-up to set and keeps your eyebrow hair in place throughout the day. A ton of make-up artists suggests that a clear brow gel does the job if you think a black one makes your brows too dark. Even if you are stepping out sans make-up, a brow gel can seriously make or break your look, according to brow experts (yes, they exist). 
Try your hand at these steps and hit us up with your results!
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