Blackhead strips damage your skin more than you can imagine

Here’s busting your myths about the blackhead strips
Blackhead strips damage your skin more than you can imagineBlackhead strips damage your skin more than you can imagine
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It’s no unknown fact that everyone loves to look their very best. With the internet becoming super accessible and with the land that we are born in, DIY home remedies have become the “it” thing. However, with these DIY remedies one also requires a lot of patience and quick results for which they turn to fast and quick measures. Blackheads are easily every girl’s biggest remedy and a fun way to tackle them is to use the blackhead strips. However, they are not as fun as they look.


Yes, you heard that right. Blackhead strips when used incorrectly damages your skin in really harsh ways. First up, how are blackheads formed? They start off with when our pores are blocked with the dead skin cells. Once the pores open up, the natural oils from our skin oozes out and gets oxidized furthering collecting bacteria and dirt which gets accumulated and then forms a blackhead.



Like we mentioned before, pore strips are a common way to get rid of blackheads, however, they are not productive in the long run. According to dermatologists, they do not work completely and can also cause irritation. The strips also tend to take off your natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and making it look uneven and dull.


The best way to get rid of blackheads is to exfoliate using retinol. If you want it to go off in a natural way then use a cleansing brush or tool and get your desired results.


Do you know of any other way to get rid of blackheads? Well, then comment below and let us know.


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