Can hemp seed oil help get rid of acne?

Updated on Aug 27, 2021 12:29 PM IST  |  126K
Can hemp seed oil help get rid of acne?
Can hemp seed oil help get rid of acne?

Most people, even those who have been lucky with relatively problem free skin, can understand the horrible feeling of waking up one morning with a big blistering pimple in the centre of your forehead. It is the worst! While many of us try to treat acne with topical creams and over the counter antibiotics the root cause of acne and pimples tends to be internal and should be treated as such.  

Here are a few ways hemp seed oil can be used to do the same.

Hormonal Balance: Hemp seed oil is loaded with essential fatty acids that are a boon for your skin. One of these acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid, works to regulate your hormones, which are the chemical messengers in your body that control many factors that involve your skin such as oil production. An imbalance in hormones, such as an imbalance in testosterone can lead to painful hormonal breakouts. Thankfully Gamma Linolenic Acid keeps hormones balanced and can prevent this while making your system function better!


Strengthening of skin: Another fatty acid that is abundant in hemp seed oil is linoleic acid, which is a prime component in ceramides, which are the building blocks of skin and hair. Linoleic Acid, therefore, keeps our skin strong, supple and healthy and keeps it functioning as a barrier to impurities, thereby reducing the chances of breakouts. 

Hemp seed oil is antibacterial and non-comedogenic: Unlike coconut and olive oil which are heavy and can clog pores while they moisturize, hemp seed oil can provide you the much-needed moisture, without clogging your pores. Additionally, it is antibacterial and will keep your skin clean and free of impurities while doing so! 


A healthy system means healthy skin: Finally, hemp seed oil is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and is used to treat a multitude of imbalances and diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties have led to its widespread use in the treatment of inflammatory arthritis and inflammatory skin disorders like eczema and, yes, acne. By treating the underlying issues in your system you will inadvertently be treating your skin! 

Authored by: Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Co-Founder of Satliva

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