Chrome nails, blue eyeshadow, sleek hair: 9 Beauty trends that ruled 2017

How many of these beauty trends have you tired?
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Here is a look at some trends that made waves in the beauty industry in 2017

1. Chrome nails

While metallics ruled the fashion scene in 2017, in the world of vanity metallics were a major trend in form of nails, the chrome manicure was all over our Instagram feed. 

2. Braids 

Though braids are a classic, they ruled in 2017. From French, Dutch to braided buns, they have ruled the hairdo scene in 2017. 

3. Blue eyeshadow 

The basic golds and blacks got a much-needed break in 2017 and aquatic mermaid eyes were all the rage! Whether it was a simple blue eyeliner for the day, blue mascara to make your eye pop or a blue shadow for red carpet events, blue eyes hypnotised in 2017. 

4. Floral hair accessories 

2017 was the year when even beauty trends got spiritual and connected to nature. Many turned to floral accessories to deck their hairdos this year. This particular trend was specifically popular with brides of 2017. 

5.  Sleek Hair 

Pioneered and heavily endorsed by Deepika Padukone and worn by many Bollywood beauties, sleek hairdos ruled the red carpet in 2017. From sleek low buns, sleek poker straight hair to updo's, minimalistic hair that is no-fuss and let your features shine was the order of the season. 

6. Highlight on fleek

Now here is a beauty trend that was EXPLOITED in 2017- Highlighters. While supple, dewy and healthy looking skin is always a good thing, people went bonkers with the trend of highlighters, from caking and baking your face with layers and layers of highlighters to rainbow highlighters, 2017 was the year to go all out! 

7.  Bold eyebrows 

Starting off as a running joke on Vine, "eyebrows on fleek" grew to be a beauty phenomenon. An almost non-existent line, framing your face- Snipped, plucked and threaded into oblivion was the trend back in the day.

Times have since (thankfully) changed and you can now afford to skip a few salon appointments, without having to worry.Unruly, bold and slightly grown in, big eyebrows are having a major moment in the beauty spotlight. 

8. K- Beauty 

Th world is already hooked on to K-pop but this time it was Korea's beauty industry that was in the spotlight. In 2017, K-beauty had a huge wave in the beauty industry. From sheet masks and Korean style cushion foundations, all of it was sold out! Many adopted skin the affordable and efficient Korean skincare regimes practised by many Korean women and popularised by Korean beauty bloggers. 

9. Retro Hairdos

The Old Hollywood finger waves from the 1920s, the faux bob from 1930s, Gibson roll from 1940s, bumper bangs from 1950s, French twist from 1950s and many more such retro hairdos ruled the red carpet in 2017. 

Which trend do you like the best? Comment below and let us know. 

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Champi hairstyle by deepika

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