Considering a laser hair removal? THESE are the side effects you should know about

Laser hair removal has some temporary and some permanent side effects. Some of them are minor and very common while the others are a rare occasion. While the rare side effects can be ignored but you cannot ignore the common side effects that will make your life difficult for sure.
Considering a laser hair removal? THESE are the side effects you should know about
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We, humans, have body hair maybe not as much as a bear but we can't ignore the fact that we do have a certain amount of body hair. Every month's beauty expenses include our hair removal costs which are pretty damn high. How we wish we didn't have to get rid of our body hair every month! Even if it's not waxing, a hair removal cream is also a hassle. Hair removal is a big hassle and if you're going with waxing it's painful too. With the myths around the razor, people avoid using one to remove body hair, and moreover, we're not as handy with it as men. The fear of cutting makes us avoid something so hassle-free. The idea of not having to deal with hair removal is so amazing that we wouldn't mind going with a laser hair removal if that's what it takes. But there's a something we don't considering while we think about a laser hair removal. We often forget to think about the side effects of this permanent hair removal technique.

Here are some side effects of laser hair removal that you need to consider.

1. The laser treatment makes your skin unusually sensitive. You may notice some redness and the laser hair removal may irritate your skin. You may experience some swelling and tenderness as well. All this is the result of being exposed to laser radiation. This is a temporary side effect that you may experience during the course of your treatment.

2. There is a possibility of scarring and scabbing post a laser hair removal session. Once your skin is tender, it is more prone to scars and marks and if you fail to take care of it, you may end up with scars.

3. The laser radiations can impact your skin as it deeply penetrates the skin in order to fulfil its task, but this can cause the skin colour around that area to change. This change in skin pigmentation is temporary and it will fade eventually and bring back your original skin tone.

4. This treatment makes our skin more vulnerable, it's like a wound and it makes your skin more prone to infections. If exposed to sun it can make things worse for your skin.

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