Cosmetologist Seema Nanda explains how Vitamin C helps your skin GLOW

Vitamin C is a miracle ingredient for your skin and cosmetologist, Seema Nanda explains all about it.

Updated on Sep 02, 2020 02:16 PM IST  |  1.2M
Cosmetologist Seema Nanda explains how Vitamin C helps your skin glow
Cosmetologist Seema Nanda explains how Vitamin C helps your skin glow
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When you’re feeling unwell and a cold is about to strike, you’ll most definitely start to stock up on immune-boosting vitamin C – either in vitamin form or fresh fruit. But many of us do the same when our skin starts lacking lustre? Read on to find out how vitamin C can improve skin texture and quality in just a few days.

How does Vitamin C benefit your skin?

1. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms. Free Radicals affect the molecular composition of complexion and weaken it. They create imbalances in the skin’s collagen resulting in skin dullness, inflammation and redness in the skin.

2. Using Vitamin C can activate fibroblasts to begin collagen synthesis. The result can be firmer, tighter skin.

3. Vitamin C helps minimize some types of skin discolouration. Vitamin C inhibits melanocytes (the cells responsible for creating skin pigment) and their ability to grow dark. It reduces the excess production of melanin, age spots, sun spots, and acne marks.


Exposer to environmental factors such as UV from the sun, pollution and stress leave a damaging impact on the skin, resulting in pre mature ageing process, appearance of enlarged pores, and dull skin.

This is when vitamin C can neutralize free radicals, helping the skin to fight against oxidative stress-induced damage. It can also help improve and fight against pigment disorders and inflammation.

Very Important point to note is that vitamin C is a fragile antioxidant that degrades quickly when exposed to oxygen, water or heat.

Thus, whilst using vitamin C serum, its potency starts to decrease as soon as you open the lid.


Also, vitamin C is labelled under a few different names:

Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbate, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Ascorbyl Glucoside are all forms of vitamin C. Potency of 10%-15% is especially effective as your skin can only absorb so much L-ascorbic acid. Make sure your skin is properly exfoliated before applying your Vitamin C to reap optimum benefits.

The best time to use vitamin C is the start of a new season in my opinion. Start to use it 10 days before a big event, or over a period when you know your skin may need some extra help.

- Inputs by Ms Seema Nanda, Cosmetologist & Founder, Estetico- The Facial Bar

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