THIS could be the BIG reason behind wrinkles around your eyes

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THIS could be the BIG reason behind wrinkles around your eyes

Often there are skin issues that develop because of things that we do subconsciously. Remember how you get a tan line when you wear a watch out in the sun? There are often things like that we don’t even do consciously that end up taking a toll on your skin. So let’s talk about wrinkles and how do they develop. 

Wrinkles are the fold that develops when the skin starts to sag. They first mostly develop around the eyes and mouth due to the constant movement. Opening and closing the mouth and blicking can results in the tightening and loosening of the skin which when you turn old becomes the first spot to develop wrinkles. Why is that so? 

When you apply eyeliner or try to take off your makeup with a wipe or a cotton ball, you tend to tug on the skin that is already very sensitive. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and when you tug, you end up loosening it. One does not understand the importance of taking care of the skin right now but over a period of time, this results in wrinkles and sagging. 

How to avoid it? 

When you’re applying an eyeliner, make sure you do not pull your skin upwards. The same is the case with makeup removers. Use a gentle micro-fibre cloth and slowly sweep the makeup off your eye. Rubbing your skin to and fro is the worst thing that you can do. While applying moisturiser or under-eye creams, use your ring finger. It’s the only finger that is the most gentle and uses less pressure. 

Remember, in the long run, it’s the little things that matter. So do not pull on your skin while massaging and don’t use harsh motions to exfoliate. 

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