CTM 101: Routine that will give your skin the attention it deserves

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CTM 101: Routine that will give your skin the attention it deserves

To find yourself obsessed with a 10-step routine is quite normal today with all the skincare trends that are making waves on the Internet. It’s not the many steps one needs to flaunt glowing and healthy skin rather it lies in the simplest factor like the CTM routine. Let’s just call the process of cleansing, toning, and moisturising the most vital ones that come from what may not be forgotten about. Applying many products to your skin without following CTM will make less of a difference to your skin. 

Take a face mask for instance, before you smear it on your skin, you should always keep your skin cleansed with a face wash. You don’t just put something on oily or toxin-filled skin even if you are going for an exfoliation mask. Clean skin will help absorb things in a better procedure. So, starting and wrapping up your day with CTM is a golden blessing for your skin. So, if you’re looking for a little help to understand what will help you build a benefitting routine every day, below are the details. 


Whether you wake up in the morning with naturally produced grease or a sweaty face once you’re back home, a mild cleanser can help remove all impurities seated in your skin. Look for options like aloe vera for dry and sensitive skin and salicylic acid for acne-prone and oily skin types. You can also count on Hyaluronic acid to help enhance hydration. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. If you have your makeup on, erase it off first, and then pick a cleanser for help.


If toners were something you never considered to be important, we’d love to tell you it is pretty important as it not only balances your pH levels but also keeps your skin hydrated, pores tightened, and removes the dirt your cleanser couldn’t completely draw out. Try toners built with vitamin C, cucumber, and flower petals. 


Dry patches do not appear with pre-notice. But, you can probably guess that’s about to happen when you don’t hydrate your face. It’s all essential for ageing skin basically for every skin type because as simple as it can get, we all age with time. Moisturisers are solely curated to prevent dryness which can, in turn, enhance the suppleness of your skin leaving it to glow as healthy as the morning sun. While this is a boon for your skin, don’t neglect your skin type. Opt for a non-comedogenic formula, and for other skin types, you can look for the ever-charming vitamin C that aims for youthful skin and vitamin-infused products work well too.


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