CURLY HAIR care tips and hacks

From this curly haired girl to the others, you go, Curl!
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There’s nothing more beautiful and satisfying than a crown of healthy, natural curls. Curly hair require a variety of styling and maintenance routines. A tangle-free hair day is a far fetched dream for anybody with this hair type. Brittleness, weakened strands and dryness often limits the style versatility (tell me about it).


Firstly, it is super important to identify the culprits of your hair woes. For example, breakage and brittleness can be caused by a number of things, including lack of moisture, over-processing from chemicals, heat damage, and overall poor hair-care practices. If you’ve noticed that you’re losing hair at an alarming rate, or your scalp is very dry and flaky, you might want to reevaluate your hair-care routine. Here are some tips and hacks which can help to make your life a little easier.


Never over do it: Generally, curly hair is prone to being dry and which is the reason why it's so important not to over-wash it. Excessive shampooing opens up the cuticles and strips the hairs of their natural oils, which will dry out your curls even more. Wash it 2-3 times a week.


Co-washing: Washing with conditioner is also known as “co-washing”. It is a way to mildly cleanse hair and replenish dry strands at the same time. Co-washing keeps hair soft and hydrated.To be clear, co-washing doesn’t mean you should skip shampoo altogether, use sulphate-free cream shampoos which does not lather and strip your hair of its moisture.



Know the ingredients: It is very important to know the contents of the products you use on your curls. The key is to use products specifically made for curly hair, which are also sulphate, parabens and alcohol free. These chemicals dry out the hair, so you want to avoid them at all costs.


Deep Condition: Don’t forget to pamper you curls monthly. From a simple at-home hot oil hair massage or a rice water rinse to a fancy hair spa can just do the job.


Cleans the scalp: Cleansing the scalp helps to get rid of all the buildup from oils, dirt, and dust. Even though this is important for every hair type, it is a little bit more important for the curly haired ones to properly carry out this step as it is the key to healthy hair. So, when shampooing, concentrate on rubbing and cleansing your scalp properly with your fingertips.


Detangle with care: De-tangling on dry hair is an absolute no-no. It is super easy to detangle your hair in the shower, when your hair is full of conditioner and damp. You have to take your time — be gentle and detangle from the bottom to the root with a wide-toothed comb.

Lock it in: A big thing to remember is that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp; think of it like your skin — you never want it to get dry. Adopt a routine of using conditioners, oils, and creams which help to lock in the moisture to keep your hair hydrated and protect it at all costs.


Avoid heat: It is always better to avoid using heat drying and styling. If you have to apply heat, make sure you use a heat protectant and keep the temperature low.


Some extra tips:

Sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Never use a BRUSH on curly hair.

Avoid hairsprays and mousse.

Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt.


What are your tips for taking care of your curls? Any special tips or tricks? Comment below and let us know.


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