A daytime skincare routine under Rs 99 for people who do not want to spend a fortune on the products

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A daytime skincare routine under Rs 99 for people who do not want to spend a fortune on the products
A daytime skincare routine under Rs 99 for people who do not want to spend a fortune on the products

Having a skincare routine is an essential but can be too expensive for some. If you want to get yourself a well-versed skincare routine but do not want to spend on super expensive products, then here are some of the best products under 99 rupees that will help you maintain an everyday skincare regime without having to spend too much. 

Step 1: Cleanse your face 

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash 

Always start with cleansing your face with a foaming face wash. This fresh-foaming, soap-free gel is blended with pure honey and extracts from the bark of the arjun tree, euphorbia plant and wild turmeric. It dissolves makeup and impurities, softens skin and helps lighten the complexion. Honey is composed of healing, brightening sugars and minerals known to purify, heal and soothe the skin. 


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Step 2: Use a toner 

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & Clarifying Toner 

Apply a toner after cleansing your face. A toner helps in better absorption of other skincare products. This toner will deeply cleanse your skin and is enriched with boerhavia root extracts that leaves your skin feeling clear and radiant, lemon that helps control excess oil secretion and leaves your skin feeling clear and soft. Apply to cotton pads or washcloth and gently wipe over cleansed face and neck. 


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Step 3: Apply a serum 

The Nile Professional Vitamin C Serum

After the toner, hydrate your skin with this face serum enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C. This skin clearing serum has anti-aging properties that helps skin repair, reduces dark circles and fine lines and acts as a sun damage protector. You can use it to get youthful skin, it delivers the benefits of pure vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It supports skin hydration and helps in restoring skin’s lipid barrier. The serum helps in the skin renewal process and moisturisation. 


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Step 4: Use an under eye cream/mask

Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Serum Mask 

It is important to use an under eye cream or atleast hydrate the under eye area with a serum mask since the skin in the under eye region is extremely thin and more prone to wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. These masks will reduce dark circles with a bomb of cooling hydration in just 15 mins. It contains orange juice and hyaluronic acid, and firms the skin. 


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Step 5: Moisturise with a cream

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Skin 

Using a moisturiser is an extremely essential step to every skincare regime. This brightening face cream is enriched with Yuzu Lemon and Vitamin C serum. It will give you spot-less, brighter skin in just 1 week. It reduces dark spots, pimple spots and sun spots, and contains UV filters to protect skin from sun.


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Step 6: End your daytime skincare regime with SPF 

Ponds Non-Oily Sunscreen SPF 30 

Sunscreen is an extremely important step and should not be skipped at any cost. This non-oily sunscreen will prevent the development of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. This weightless matte finish sunscreen acts as a shield for your skin and will provide it with maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is waterproof and sweatproof, and is suitable for all skin types. 


Price: Rs.99

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