Deepika Padukone’s inside beauty and makeup secrets REVEALED

We’ve listed down all of Deepika Padukone’s inside secrets about her beauty and makeup
Deepika Padukone’s inside beauty and makeup secrets REVEALEDDeepika Padukone’s inside beauty and makeup secrets REVEALED
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If there is one actor in recent times who can look all poised and well put together without putting in barely any effort then it has to be, Deepika Padukone. Be it the stunner’s impeccable fashion choices, personal style or bold beauty choices, the diva makes heads turn all the time, everytime! She is the first ever mainstream actress who came out and spoke about mental health and depression on a public platform winning hearts for her extremely bold move. Deepika is a pandora of beauty secrets and given her flawless glow, the 33 year old spilled some beans on her beauty regime.


Removal of makeup is a must! 

Padukone, who has already completed a decade in the industry has had her fair share of journey. The beauty swears by this particular beauty tip which actually works wonders. While applying makeup is a fun task, many of us get extremely lazy when we’ve to remove it. Deepika, however, is extremely particular about removing her makeup. She added that no matter how tired she is or how hectic her day was, she makes it a point to remove her makeup before she hits the bed. The Om Shanti Om actress is a huge fan of products which exfoliate, cleanses and hydrates the skin. Sunscreen is a must for her which she applies “twice a day”, followed by a night cream. She also loves using clay masks which leaves her feeling fresh and hydrated.   



The secret to her perfectly done eyebrows!

It is fair to say that the trend of thick filled in brows was started by this diva. Deepika says that the secret behind them is doing absolutely nothing. The Chandni Chowk to China actress states that the thicker the brows, the younger one looks. Elaborating further she said that continuously going to the salon and threading and doing the eyebrows will eventually leave you with anything. 



Her obsession with fitness 

Deepika’s body is literally to die for. She said that she has always made it a point to work out as much as she can, no matter what her schedule is. One really important message she sets across is that she only sets realistic and achievable goals which is extremely important for long-term practises. 



Her classic and signature makeup look

Deepika Padukone has stuck to her makeup choices over the years. In her own words, she says, that she likes to keep her makeup simple and clean. She absolutely loves her red, dark browns and maroon lipsticks. She also revealed how she isn’t really fond of glossy lip colours and prefers matte any day! The newly married actress is extremely fond of a blush, mascara and kohl-rimmed eyes. 



Deepika also stated how opening up about her mental health made her feel more liberated, like she isn’t caged anymore. Deepika Padukone has already created a niche for herself. She undoubtedly is India’s female superstar who enjoys insane amount of fame and success. It’s heart-warming to see that her beauty secrets are so simple but extremely effective. Did you like her makeup tips? Comment below and let us know. 


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