DIY body scrubs for a nourishing and youthful glow

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DIY body scrubs for a nourishing and youthful glow
DIY body scrubs for a nourishing and youthful glow

Body scrubs have gained a cult status over the years for it helps to give your skin the undivided attention it deserves. Scrubs are the exfoliators made to draw out pesky toxins and dirt away to reveal gorgeously glowing and supremely soft skin. Contrary to popular belief, scrubs made with grainy sugar can damage your skin beyond one’s anticipation. While you curate your own at home from scratch, remember, a few ingredients just won’t do the cut for your skin. 

DIY body scrubs no doubt are pretty easy to whip up but make the spread natural. Apply them in circular motions and gently rub against your skin 10 minutes before your shower time. Rinse them off with tepid water and pat dry. Once you step out, soak your skin with a heavy moisture dose. This will help prevent skin dryness and keep your skin hydrated after a good self-care session. 


Oatmeal and banana scrub 


1. Banana- It is rich in vitamins and potassium that aids in moisturising and soothing your skin.

2. Oats- A great skin exfoliator, thanks to the presence of saponins. It aids in removing excess oil and combating dryness.

3. Honey- Delivers healing and nourishing care for your skin. Also, works its charm on acne-prone skin to help fade scars. 



1 Mashed banana 

3 Tbsp ground oats 

2 Tbsp raw honey 


Grab a bowel, add them all and stir the mixture well. 


Coffee and Himalayan Pink Salt 


1. Coffee- Antioxidant-rich ingredient that aids in fighting free radicals and treating aging skin.

2. Sugar- A natural humectant and a great source of glycolic acid, it helps to enhance skin’s natural luminosity and get rid of pollutants. 

3. Himalayan pink salt- Noted for its anti-inflammatory properties to help calm skin irritation and prevent breakouts. 

4. Coconut oil- It consists of Lauric acid which can reduce inflammation, treat acne and provides anti-aging benefits.

5. Vitamin E - An antioxidant that can help nourish your skin, improve its texture, and heal sunburned skin. 



1/2 Cup coffee powder 

1/4th Brown sugar powder

1 Tbsp crushed Himalayan Pink Salt 

2 Tbsp coconut oil 

2 Vitamin E capsules 



In a bowl, combine the above mentioned ingredients and give them a good stir.


Tip: Use it only once or twice a week. Exfoliating too much can strip your skin of essential moisture and oils.



Which is your favourite body scrub? Let us know in the comments below. 



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