DIY Keratin Treatment to enhance your hair texture at home

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DIY Keratin Treatment to enhance your hair texture at home
DIY Keratin Treatment to enhance your hair texture at home

Keratin treatments make your hair healthier and glossier. This food for hair prevents frizziness and dryness. It is one such treatment that is power-packed with proteins, amino acids and nutrients that your unhealthy hair asks for. This treatment makes hair styling easy and manages hair fall. If you want to smoothen and straighten your hair without breaking your bank, then you have founded the correct treasure of solutions. We bring to you a DIY Keratin treatment that requires only 5 ingredients.

Before looking at the ingredients don't forget to grab a bowl, spoon and a brush for easy application. Come on! Let's kickstart hair spa sessions sitting at home. Here is what you need.


1. Urad Dal

Take a bowl of half filled urad dal and soak it in double quantities of water for a minimum of three hours or overnight. Urad dal is loaded with proteins that your hair needs. It penetrates brittle hair and prevents it from future damage. It also helps in retaining the sheen of your hair.


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2. Curd

Check the softness of soaked urad dal by pressing it with your nails. If it gets smashed easily, pour it in a grinder or mixer. Add two heaps of curd to the content and form a smooth lump free paste. Curd is extremely useful in treating scalp problems and bidding adieu to dandruff and flakes. Nevertheless, it softens your hair and makes it smoother. 


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3. Aloe Vera Gel

Pour the paste in a bowl and add two spoons of aloe vera gel to it. Aloe vera boosts your hair growth and promotes strong hair. This thickening agent is highly beneficial to attain instant softness and smoothness to your hair. 


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4. Castor Oil

Add two tablespoons of castor oil to your hair mask. Castor oil allows hair to grow faster. If you are not comfortable with castor oil you can use almond, coconut, olive oil or neither of them. This is not a crucial step. But castor oil can help to enhance the texture of your hair.


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5. Coconut milk

Last and final ingredient, add one tablespoon of coconut milk to your hair mask. You can add more to minimise the thickness of your hair mask. Coconut milk has extreme moisturising effects on your hair. It is a powerful natural conditioner that can create wonder to your hair. 


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Mix all the ingredients and ensure that you form a smooth creamy paste with no lumps. Lumps in your hair mask can fail to give you desired results. Make a fuss-free hair smoothening and spa session sitting at home in the most pocket friendly way. Don't forget to use the brush and reach the roots of your hair. Go retain the shine of your hair and make every hair flip count.


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