DIY Remedies to cure dry skin for the winter months

As the winter months are approaching your skin often tends to get dry and irritated. Here are some remedies you can try to soothe dry skin
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As the winter months, approach and the cold winds hit us all skin types have to bare the pain of having dry skin through these months. Unfortunately, the winter months are also the party season, which means all of us want our skin to look glowing and fabulous. So here are some tips on how to take care and avoid dry skin during the winter months. 

Types of dry skin: 

The ideal skin needs to have a very good balance of oil and water aka, your skin needs to be hydrated and moisturised. To divide things broadly there are two types of dry skins - Lack of water and lack of oil. 

Lack of water: This means your skin is dehydrated. Hence, to compensate your skin which already has too much oil will secrete more oil, causing problems like pimples, acne and problematic skin. Even if you have super oily skin, it may be because your skin actually lacks hydration. 

Symptoms of dry skin: 

- Red and sensitive
- Tight feeling of skin 
- Small wrinkles and fine lines 
-Flaking of skin 


Food and lifestyle is a major cause of dry skin. If you have a diet that has very little oil in it, it may be a cause of dry skin. Also, lack of water, smoking and drinking alcohol causes your skin to dry out.


1. Consume hydrating food: Drinking water is a no-brainer to stay hydrated, try drinking mineral water. You also need to keep up with your minerals and nutrients. Drink things that have a lot of electrolytes like watermelon, coconut water and berries. 

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2. Add Lemon and honey to your water, that further helps hydrate the skin. 

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3. Moisturize: Follow this flow for your skin:

i. Cleanse using cleansing oil based cleanser
ii. Exfoliate
iv. Protect using SPF 

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4. Massage your face every day- when moisturing make sure you massage your face every single day. That will help to circulate the microcirculation in the skin. 

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5. Spritz on water on your face: Put water in a spray bottle and just spritz it on your face through the day to keep the skin hydrated. 

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6. Use oil or hydrating serum over and above your moisturiser. During the cold months, your skin needs more goodness than just a basic cold cream and SPF to it up with oils or serums in your morning and night skincare regime. 

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7. Use gentle products to quell sensitivity 

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8. Dermaplaning: Simply take a razor to get rid of the top layer of your skin. This helps get rid of facial hair and dry skin. You will be surprised to see how much dry skin comes on the razor if you have dry skin. 

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9. Sea salt steam: Take boiling water and add a tablespoon of sea salt in it. Now steam your face with this mixture. This help detox the skin and reduce swelling.  

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10. Use face mask - This winter make it a point to apply hydrating face mask on your skin at least once a week. 

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Use these tips and they will make your skin look like you have been drinking gallons of water and make you glow. Bye, bye dry skin!

Credits :Pinkvilla


Eat locally produced and seasonal fruits and vehetables. No need to eat watermelons during the winter. Thats just so werid.

Lol watermelon during the winter? Maybe because of the water content. Why not just drink water to stay hydrated?

Eat watermelon and berries in winter. Really?

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