Do you get pimples very often? Here’s what the location of your acne is telling about your health

Face mapping your acne is important. Here we have everything that the location of your pimple tells about your health. Check it out
Beauty,Acne,face mapping,locationDo you get pimples very often? Here’s what the location of your acne is telling about your health
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Did you know that apart from pollution and dirt, a lot of other things can be the reason behind your skin breaking out? Your health is one of the biggest reasons for your skin breaking out. While that does not come as news to a lot of us, the location of your acne can actually tell a lot about what is wrong with your body. The location of your acne serves as evidence to determine what is the cause and which part of the body is affected. So, here’s what the location of your acne tells about your health. 


Acne on the forehead could be the indication of issues with the stomach and gall bladder. Easting fatty foods can be the biggest reason behind it. As an addition to that, stress can also affect the forehead area by affecting oil production.



Pimples and zits on and around the nose tell you that there is something wrong with the liver. Stopping or reducing the consumption of alcohol can help in reducing recurring acne. Acne on the nose is also an indication of issues related to the blood like blood pressure and anaemia. 


The cheeks are the best place to determine any respiratory disorders that the body is facing. You will notice that smokers are especially the one who have pimples on their cheeks because of the congested nerve endings in this area. 


Extreme stress, hormonal imbalance, dehydration and stomach issues are all the reason behind acne in these areas. It could also be due to the disruption of the endocrine system which affects the oil glands and results in clogged pores. 

What else would you like to know about acne? Let us know in the comments section below.

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