Do you have dandruff? THESE things could be the cause

Instead of looking for cures for this problem, try taking steps that can help you prevent dandruff altogether. Read on to know more.
Do you have dandruff? THESE things could be the cause
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Do you have a moment where you scratch your head and you see the white flakes falling off your scalp? Dandruff is a very common hair condition that we've all suffered from once in a while. Dandruff is a condition where you suffer from little scalp flakes that make your scalp dry and itchy. This condition can be very irritating and it may even make you feel embarrassed. It's embarrassing when someone notices flakes of dandruff falling from your hair or the little flakes on you clothes that fall off when your scalp gets itchy. Constantly scratching your head can also make you feel embarrassed. This is when our moms and grandmoms home remedies come handy. Their hot oil treatments that can cure dandruff but what if you could simply avoid this situation altogether. While most people assume that dandruff happens due to dry scalp, it's actually the opposite. This is why it essential that we take steps to avoid dandruff instead of using home remedies that may do more harm than good.

Here are the reasons behind dandruff that you need to beware of.

1. When you don't wash your hair properly and rinse it, you fail to cleanse your skin of the dead skin cells and the excess oil and the pollutants that it comes in contact with.  Due to this, your hair starts producing more natural oil and it remains dirty which gives rise to organisms that cause a flaky scalp.

2. Stress can impact a lot of things in your life including your health and beauty. If you have a sensitive skin that means that your scalp is also sensitive and prone to dandruff and when your stress level increases it may weaken your immune system which in turn causes dandruff as well. Another thing to remember is that having an itchy scalp can increase your stress which in turn increases the itchiness and goes on to make things worse.

3. Excessive styling does have an impact on your hair and scalp. If you use a blow dryer or curling or straightening iron on your hair regularly, you are weakening your hair and stripping it of its natural moisture. When your hair dries naturally and does not come in contact with a heating tool, it allows your hair to retain the natural oil and moisture that it requires but using styling tools take this power away from your hair which pushes your scalp to produce excess oil until it can make up for the loss.

4. You need to be careful with the shampoo that you use. If you have an oily scalp, you will need a shampoo that can help clear the excess oil from your scalp. Be careful that your shampoo does not strip your scalp of its natural oil. If you have a dry scalp, you may need a shampoo that helps your hair retain some moisture and stay healthy, but some shampoos may make your scalp retain too much oil making it prone to dandruff.

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