Do you have dark elbows and knees? Here’s how you can lighten them

If your knees and elbows are darker than your regular skin, you need these home remedies to brighten up your skin; Read on
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Most of us have dark elbows and knees as compare to the rest of our body. Though a lot of us have learned to live with it and get comfortable, there are still a large number of us who hate the dark elbows and knees. It’s embarrassing and covering them up seems like a much easier job. Full sleeves and midi-dresses hide it all away. But why live like this when you can easily get rid of them. We Indians are known for our home remedies and desi treatments. Our kitchen has things that can lighten up these dark knees and elbows. Here are some home remedies to clean the mess and get fairer elbows and knees.

1. We love our salad but the exact same cucumber can also make our body look much better. Take a slice of a cucumber and rub it on your knees and elbows for a while and leave it to dry. Do this daily to see the result.

2. Lemon has bleaching qualities and baking soda is good at cleansing. Mix these two and they make the perfect mix to lighten my skin.

3. Aloe Vera is good for the skin. It is great for uneven skin tone. Mix some Aloe Vera gel with milk and apply it on your elbows and knees. Leave it be for the night and wash it off in the morning for the best results.

4. We love our fries but the potatoes might be of much more use than just eating. Rubbing it on your elbows and knees can help the skin lighten and look much brighter and cleaner.

5. Turmeric is known to have medicinal qualities and it is good for the skin. It can heal and purify the skin. Mix some turmeric in milk and apply it on your elbows and knees. Let it dry and then wash it off.

6. Honey, lemon juice and baking soda are a great mix to cleanse your skin and rid it of the uneven skin tone. Apply this mixture for 10 minutes and simply wash it off to see the results.

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