Do you have puffy eyes? THESE skincare mistakes can cause eye bags

Age isn’t the only reason for puffy eyes or under-eye bags, you could be making skincare mistakes that could be the root of all your troubles and tired eyes.

Published on Sep 11, 2019 05:06 PM IST  |  877.9K

While most people struggle with dark circles, there’s a certain portion of people who struggle with puffy eye or under-eye bags. They wake up with their under eyes swollen up and that makes them look sick. Under-eye bags cannot be covered up with makeup like dark circles. No amount of concealer can hide your tired puffy eyes but sometimes we all, unknowingly make mistakes that lead to puffy eyes. You may be spending a lot of time looking at a bright screen or it could be something as simple as caring for your eyes that could lead to under-eye bags.

1. Makeup

We all have that one lazy moment when we fall asleep with our makeup on. If sleeping without removing your make up has become an everyday story then you may need to work on it. Makeup can irritate your skin under the eye which happens to be very sensitive and that leads to puffiness in the morning when you wake up.

2. Moisturizing

You use a lot of creams and you keep your under-eye well hydrated and moisturized but you may end up over-hydrating your skin and if you’re making this mistake then it could be the main cause of under-eye bags.

3. OTC eye drops

You regularly use over-the-counter eye drops to keep your eyes clean and everything but some of these eye drops often irritate your eye and lead to water retention. This could be the reason why you wake up with puffy eyes.

4. Lenses

You prefer lenses over glasses and that’s okay but if you wear lenses for too long it can irritate your eye and cause irritation and water retention. Avoid wearing your lenses for too long and keep a tab on the expiry date of your lenses.

5. Sleep

You may feel that 6 hours of sleep is enough but it isn’t really enough sleep for you. If you don’t get enough sleep your eyes can swell up and retain water and that’s why you wake up with under-eye bags.

6. Skincare routine

Your skincare routine is great but you fail to care for your eyes. You never indulge in any eye care routine and fail to keep the skin under the eyes healthy. Your eye also needs cooling eye masks and such things to stay healthy.

7. Itchy eyes

You often rub your eyes when they get itchy. When you do this you unintentionally cause a lot of damage to your eyes and your vision and the sensitive skin under your eyes

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