Do you SMOKE? THIS is what happens to your skin when you smoke

While smoking can be injurious to your health, it also has a few cons when it comes down to the health and appearance of your skin. Find out how it affects your skin.
skin,smoking,symptoms Do you SMOKE? THIS is what happens to your skin when you smoke
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Your lungs and heart are surely affected by the injurious smoke that you take down your throat. But little did you know that smoking all that tobacco can affect your skin? Even if you follow a long elaborate skincare routine every day, smoking can affect your skin making it prone to a lot of issues.


These are some of the major skin problems caused due to smoking:


1: Premature ageing and wrinkles:

Tobacco smoke weakens collagen production on your skin which is responsible to keep the skin tight and soft. The smoke affects the skin making it prone to losing its elasticity which in turn results in wrinkles.


2: Kills Skin Cells:

Smoking increases the oxidative stress levels in the skin. This affects the production of new skin cells while also damaging the ones that are already alive. This can later result in dull and dry skin caused by excessive smoking.

3: Makes the skin rough, dull and dry:

Smoking affects the topmost layer of the skin. While the regenerative property of cells is already slow, the skin ends up looking rough and dry due to the oxidative accumulation of toxins on the skin.


4: Increased Pigmentation:

The toxins in tobacco trigger melatonin production which affects the even appearance of the skin tone.this in turn results in skin pigmentation. It first hits the lips and the areas around it making it black, dull and patchy.


5: Delays Wound healing:

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that reduces blood flow to your skin. In this case, the skin does not get enough supply of nutrients and minerals. So if you have a wound in the process, it will slow down the process of healing due to some blocked blood vessels.


6: Wrinkles:

While premature ageing is a sign, smoking can cause wrinkles to any and everyone in places you cannot even imagine. It constricts the flow of oxygen which speeds up signs of ageing like wrinkles and saggy eyes.


If you are a chain smoker or somebody who indulges in smoking once-in-a-while, it will affect the skin no matter what. We all know what the right thing to do here is. 


Do you see any of these symptoms? Let us know in the comments section below.

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